Winter Well-Being Visits

Checking in with some of our members is year long, although we know from chatting to them that certain times of the year can be tougher than others, especially with the darker nights and colder weather, because it can mean for some they don’t venture out as much as they would normally. Also for some the Festive season can also be tough, yet not for all as it can be a time for themselves:

Some recent comments:

“I can get up when I want and do what I want. For the first time I am going to be able to watch what I like on TV, and be able to hear it!”

Member talking about her first Christmas at home without her family


“I am looking forward to the summer as I do miss getting out when I can and being able to sit in my front garden”


“I do like all the lights and decorations, yet not everyone celebrates the festive season, so I am ok”


“I am glad I have somewhere to go again this year, the volunteers last year were amazing, they really looked after you!

Member looking forward to another Christmas Day at St Aiden’s

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Wednesday 25 December 2019

We recognise this date means many things to each of us, however for those who do like to be in the company of others sharing some festive cheer there are options.

Following a note in our last newsletter some of our members are going to the Three Churches Christmas Day Dinner: St Aidens St Augustine’s & Trinity United.  The closing date for this has now passed, yet please see below for other alternatives in our area.


Care homes across Anchor Hanover are inviting older people in the community to join in their Christmas Day celebrations@12 noon. Staff and residents at several Anchor care homes have organised a fun day of Christmas cheer for older people living alone in the town. The nearest one to us is Halcyon Court, on Cliff Road, Leeds LS6 2EZ. As guests you are invited to join everyone at the care home for Christmas lunch, take part in the festive activities, including games and sing-alongs, and then be taken home when they are ready, all free of charge. Places are limited and will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Call Halcyon Court Tel:. 0800 0854319


Rainbow Junk-tion Christmas Lunch (Rainbow Junk-tion Cafe, All Hallows Church LS6 1NP, 12pm -3pm)

Pay by donation on the day, book your place for free, family friendly

Rainbow Junktion Cafe, All Hallows’ Church, 24 Regent Terrace, Leeds, LS6 1NP

Wednesday, 25 December 2019 – 12 noon to 3pm


‘Every Bit Helps’

Every bit does help for sure. For the last 20 or so years Caring Together members, volunteers and supporters have been donating loose change to Caring Together in gift boxes.  We have a small team of volunteers behind the scenes ensuring we have a steady supply of decorated boxes, and who also count the money once it comes in. With everyone getting a note of thanks thereafter. We just felt this seemingly small gesture for some, needed a large shout out with it’s own post, as it is a HUGE gesture to us!


Kindness within the community such as this is amazing

 Thank you to Caring Together, members, volunteers, supporters, and staff for your continued support.

‘Are We There Yet?’

Well I think we nearly are…. Caring Together members had a final review session last week on what they had been working on for their part in the Skippko ‘Are We There Yet, Women Reflecting on Women’ project with artists Van and Rozi. There was lots discussed and we have our fingers crossed it will all come together for the final unveiling in May 2020. We can’t wait to see everyone’s input all in one place.

Gertrude Maretta Paul was just one of the local, and inspirational women we took time to reflect upon

Community Christmas Tree Festival

Caring Together were delighted to be part of the Community Christmas Tree Festival at All Soul’s Church. We got to decorate two of their Christmas Trees. We did consider the minimalist look, yet we could not leave any of the lovely hand made items off. We hope you like them, we just hope the trees manage to stay up.
Our humble thanks to the creative energies of the Caring Together staff, volunteers, members and everyone who got involved prior to, and with making the items and decorating. And to All Soul’s for making us welcome on the day; it was a true community team effort.

‘Repurpose, Reuse and Up cycling of Old Unused Things’  

Our positive impact on the planet holds no bounds. At Caring Together; staff, members and volunteer continuously reuse as much as we can in creative and fun ways by converting what we have been donated, or have in the cupboard into other wonderful things such as our ‘Crafty Cuppa’ session in December. In this way we help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators whilst also having fun.

‘Festive Skills Sharing Session’

Our creative and imaginative team and members have come together to share with others in making some wonderful decorations by hosting three ‘Festive Skills Sharing Sessions’ in December. watching on, guiding, supporting, making, or writing a little something, it was a pleasure to be amongst friends.

Shining a Light on the Nocturnal

What a enlightening afternoon, early evening event we had at the launch of ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ at Lower Derwent Valley.  We got to learn more about the nature reserve itself and the nocturnal birds that migrate there, live by, or make it their home. We also got to see our own lanterns alongside the school children’s.




Such a spectacular evening display, thank you to everyone for their creative creations, and braving the British Weather. And for everyone who is part of this project.


We look forward to 2020 for more interesting adventures