‘Monday Mind Workout’ – answers from Monday 27th July 2020

Dear all,

Please see below your answers to yesterday’s question:

I was looking for food named after or from British Places (savoury or sweet). I started you off with Bakewell Tart
Thank you everyone for sending me your answers, I hadn’t heard of some of them – see below, lots of food for thought….
Chelsea Bun
Welsh Cakes
Cornish Cream
Manchester  tart
Cornish Pasty
Cheddar Cheese
Brighton Rock
Scottish shortbread
Welsh lavabread
Full English
Yorkshire Pudding
York Ham
Irish stew
Blackpool Rock
Eton Mess
Devon Toffee
Cumberland sausage
Wensleydale Cheese
Stilton Cheese
Shropshire blue
Chorley cakes
Bath buns
Shrewsbury biscuits
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie
Jersey Royal Potatoes
Lincolnshire Sausages
Double Gloucester
Kendal Mint Cake
Barnsley chop
Cheshire cheese
Wiltshire Cured Ham
Welsh Rarebit
Dundee Cake
Pontefract Cakes
Dover Sole
Worcester Sauce
Lancashire Hot Pot
Manx kippers
Aberdeen Angus Steaks
Red Leicester Cheese
Eccles Cake originated Eccles Manchester.
Arbroath smokie – a whole wood smoked haddock with the backbone still intact. They are still produced in small smokehouses in the east coast fishing town of Arbroath in Scotland
Keep safe and well, regards Lisa

From Room to Zoom! written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

From Room to Zoom! i’ve joined the Chorus of ‘Opera North’ No you won’t see me on stage in their next production – this is ‘From Couch to Chorus’ an invitation via ‘Caring Together’s’ web post. Rehearsals involve one hour a week on Zoom with homework at one’s leisure ; yet another event to come out of Lockdown. Registering was easy, stating which ‘Voice’, in my case Alto, with help given to non-singers to determine their range. I anticipated a good turnout of Altos but was amazed – as were Opera North, that we numbered  470! ‘Chat’ messages came up on my lap top screen,  “Hi I’m from Roundhay” or “Headingley” – but one group of singers were in Australia! They continued with “Anyone from ‘Inspirations Choir?” and “Any Barbershoppers out there?” which were funny questions anyway as they couldn’t save seats and sit next to each other! Jenny, our Host gave an introductory talk about the project followed by a ‘warm-up’ I hadn’t taken into consideration that there would be a physical as well as vocal warm-up so had made the mistake of sitting next to the wall which didn’t help with arms stretching up “and arms down to your side” which meant I could only use one arm properly.  Today I may even stand up, though it isn’t compulsory yet, unlike many other things at the moment!

We sang through a few pages of ‘Va Pensiero’ and ‘Habanera’ from ‘Nabucco’ and ‘Carmen’ respectively, albeit we were muted so that each singer wouldn’t be distracted by 469 other Altos. Sheet music and recordings had been e-mailed to us prior to rehearsal. For those unable to print the music, it was also shown on screen; plus each voice has a choice of five recordings with which to rehearse for homework. I have been e-mailed the same for a chorus from ‘The Bartered Bride’ so I have been learning as much o’ ‘t’other two’ prior to today’s session. I’ve spent most of my adult life singing in Musicals and with Choirs – never a soloist, just happy to learn challenging harmonies and it’s made me realise just how much I miss it. At the end of the four weeks there will be a final session when all the Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses will – I think – be recorded as one huge Choir! All this is in exchange for an (optional) ‘pay what you feel’ donation to ‘Opera North’s’ funds.

I find it all quite incredible how so many people are brought together by different events, at home, and by Zoom. Not having to turn out in all weathers for the bus to rehearse is equally appealing too!  By the time we reach the end of our Operatic venture, my hibernated voice should hopefully have stopped cracking and croaking and I will be hungry for more. I wonder if ‘Opera North’ will have time for another ‘Couch to Chorus’ before they – hopefully – are back on stage again. I might suggest we tackle Wagner’s ‘Ring Cycle’ next!

A chorus of singers on stage with their arms in the air

You can learn more about the workshops and how to join here.

All the best for today Maureen… until next time

Leeds in sculpture – a virtual tour with Leeds Civic Trust – 29th July

A virtual tour of the city of Leeds through its sculpture, statues and ornamentation: the city’s representation in physical form

Originally planned as a new supper walk for the Trust, this walk has suddenly become very topical. Join Civic Trust Director Martin Hamilton as he takes you on a virtual tour round some of the city’s statues, sculptures and monuments.

Wednesday 29th July 7pm-8pm.  Register on Eventbrite for a place

Highlights include:

• The City Square statues

• War memorials – how we remember casualties of war

• 20th and 21st century sculpture, including work by Moore, Armitage and Scott

• Ornamentation and decoration – including the work of sculptor Catherine Mawer

This will also be an opportunity to consider who and what we represent in sculptural form and why these choices are made.

Telephone Jazz Sing-a-long

Part of Arts La’Olam, between spaces project and funded by Arts Council England
Acclaimed singer and vocalist Helen McDonald is making her phone number available to older people to call her and sing jazz and classic songs together over the telephone, offering a joyous and anxiety-releasing interlude from the daily void that social distancing can bring. Callers can also just sit back and enjoy listening to Helen sing a couple of songs just for them, if they would rather!
The Singalong runs until 11 September, Monday – Thursday, 2-5pm, by calling 01473 561 027.
You can also find details on the  website.

‘Wasted’ – The Brontes Story in a Rock Musical

Brought to you by Southwark Playhouse – part of the ‘Southwark Stayhouse’ programme


Through the lens of a rock documentary, Wasted gives an access-all-areas account of the struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs of the three Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and their brother Branwell. Brought up in a remote, poverty-stricken town in Yorkshire, without money or opportunity, they fought ill-health, unrequited love and family feuds to write some of the most celebrated literature including Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

Never afraid to rebel against expectations, the lives behind the pages expose a struggling, squabbling, ferociously driven, drug-fuelled crash and burn trajectory from obscurity to celebrity and ultimately to their untimely deaths. Coupled with a rock score from Christopher Ash (Showstoppers – Oliver Award winner for Best Entertainment), book and lyrics by Carl Miller (Emil and the Detectives, National Theatre), directed by Adam Lenson (Superhero – Off-West End Award for New Musical), the Brontës ask – was it all wasted?

This is the Brontës as you’ve never seen them before.

Please note that this production contains flashing lights and strobe effects, loud noises, strong language, and haze

WYTS news alert issue 17 24.07.2020

Good Afternoon

As the Covid-19 lockdown eases, and we move towards our new ‘normal’ the Covid19 Trading Standards Team are intending to reduce the frequency of the Alert – to monthly.

Please find attached the latest West Yorkshire Trading Standards Newsletter Scam Alert. This weekly alert outlines trending fraud patterns during the current COVID-19 pandemic and what we can do to stay protected. There have been further reports of scams, doorstep Crime and business complaints all relating to the COVID-19 pandemic here in West Yorkshire. This news alert will give you an indication of the current situation here in West Yorkshire.

Thank you

Shared Moments: “Is the kettle on?” written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

“Is the kettle on?” – I first heard the word ‘Elevenses’ when I was four or five playing with friends. Mrs Chaffer would say to her son Keith and his friends “time for elevenses” and reward us with milk and biscuits. I would have never believed that almost 70 years later, friends and aquaintances would meet for ‘Elevenses’, but each in their own homes, watching and talking to each other on a screen, bigger than the one we all sat round to watch “The Coronation” on. Yes, ‘Zoom’ courtesy of ‘Caring Together’ and hosted by Lisa is a lovely way to spend an hour each Thursday morning. As we log in and each face pops up on screen we all give a welcoming greeting and wave – which is quite funny as I’ve found it happens in business meetings too. At the end of the meeting, everyone waves as we say ‘goodbye’ and I wonder if we do this on entering or leaving a room? I don’t believe we do but it’s all part of the camaraderie and fun of ‘Zoom’.

We’ve all been thoroughly enjoying these weekly meet-ups and catching up with the latest events. Whether it’s the latest Covid rulings or what’s been happening around Woodhouse and beyond, we’ve shared ups and downs, admired the latest haircuts and generally had an entertaining hour. We have our cuppa and refreshments, compare notes on how we see Leeds is getting steadily busier and  discuss what the next musical is to be streamed on TV. There’s always laughter and it makes us all feel  better for it. All too soon our time is up and there is a chorus of ‘bye’ and ‘see you next week’ – with the customary waving of course – as Lisa flicks the switch and we all disappear from the screen. It reminds me of back in the 1950s when my favourite programme ‘Andy Pandy’ finished and I cried when they all went into the basket ‘until next time’.  I haven’t cried yet at ‘Elevenses’ but I may do yet – with laughing!

How lovely Maureen, thank you so much, we do enjoy it.

Caring Together Online ‘Elevenses’ is every Thursday at 11am  

If you would like to join us then please do let me know, I can help with getting you set up if needed, and even have some trial runs. It is all very informal and no need to join each week, just when you feel like it. We would love to see you 🙂 Email: lisa@caringtogether.org.uk

See the below picture of some of us all looking intently at some artefact Graham had been given. We were unsure what it was.

Would you like to be part of a historic global documentary?

On July 25, 2020, film your day and you may become part of a historic global documentary, produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Kevin Macdonald and filmed by you.

In 2010, when the world was a very different place, Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald created a film entirely from footage uploaded by people all over the world to capture a snapshot of ordinary life at one moment in time.

You can see this film here

Now, a decade later, they want to do the same thing for 2020.

“In 2020, history is being made every day.

Australian bushfires. Civil unrest in Hong Kong. A pandemic that took precious lives and changed the way we live. Protests in every corner of America — and around the world — to demand that Black Lives Matter.

But in the midst of these extraordinary events, everyday life still continues.
We share moments, music, and meals.
We dance. We laugh. We cry.
We love. We fear. We hope.

What if we captured all of it in a single day?

On Saturday, July 25, 2020, film your day and upload your footage and you may become part of a historic documentary – a time capsule of the year 2020″.

Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald Plan 'Life In A Day' Sequel For ...

The finished film will be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2021.

To read about the project and how you could take part if you wish click here 

Miracle Theatre – 4 plays you can watch on YouTube

The National Theatre at Home series has now come to an end, so instead here are some performances from Miracle Theatre – a non profit making theatre company from Cornwall.

4 performances, mostly filmed outdoors on Cornish Clifftops and at the beautiful outdoor Minack Theatre.  Visit during the day | Minack Theatre

The Magnificent Three 

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Case of The Frightened Lady at Minack Theatre