‘Anagram Riddles’

Anagrams are words that contain the same letters but arranged in a different order. For example, act is an anagram of cat. The answers to the clues below are anagram pairs.

Example A part of your body.


A male sheep.





A short sleep during the day.


Something to cook with.

2. An animal that people ride. The place where land meets sea.
3. Something you bake. Hair on your face.
4. A place to see art. Something that makes you sneeze.
5. Another word for jump. Another word for white.
6. An animal that lives in a pack. Move like water.
7. A dogs feet. An insect that stings.
8. A place to wash dishes. What covers your body.
9. The past tense of leap. Something to serve food on.
10. A sour fruit. A juicy fruit.