Guidance from Leeds City Council as city centre opens up more

From tomorrow, Saturday July 4, restaurants, bars, leisure and entertainment venues can reopen as part of the latest relaxation of restrictions.   However it is important to remember that the pandemic is not over and there is still a risk of catching the virus.

If you are planning to head into the city centre, please take all precautions to keep yourself safe and be aware that things will not be exactly the same as before as businesses and the council have put measures in place for everyone’s safety.

All hospitality indoors will be table service only, and contact between staff and customers will be limited. Customers will also have to give contact details when they enter a pub or restaurant.

You should plan your visit to the city centre before you set off. Some roads are closed and there have been changes to public transport. If you go by car, remember that charges for parking are being reinstated from 4th July.

Leeds City Council has issued guidance for residents, visitors and businesses as hospitality and entertainment venues prepare to reopen this weekend. Lots of information can be found here:

Leader of Leeds City Council Councillor Judith Blake said:

“We know many people are looking forward to venues reopening, but we would appeal to everyone to respect the rules to ensure venues can keep staff and customers safe.  This is another important step in our city centre reopening and bringing its economy back to life.

“We are working closely with businesses and partners to do all we can to help the reopening run smoothly, but we need everyone to play their part to make it a success and keep everyone safe.”

To help keep people safe and stop the spread of the virus LCC are:

  • installing social distancing and key information signs in busy areas
  • installing hand washing stations
  • widening some pedestrian areas
  • reopening some public toilets
  • introducing safety measures at the train and bus stations
  • regularly cleaning benches, bins and push buttons
  • using volunteer ambassadors to welcome people back and support social distancing measures
  • organising a team of night marshals for the 4, 5, 10 and 11 July

To keep yourself and others safe, you should:

Celtic Tiger – The Shows Must Go On

This weekend The Shows Must Go On brings you Michael Flatley’s spectacular dance show Celtic Tiger!

The international dancing master returns with another stage performance, taking as his subject the history and spirit of his native Ireland and its long traditions of music and dance.

This particular production was recorded in 2005, and it’s described as a blend of RiverdanceThe Rocky Horror Show and The Wizard Of Oz.

It can be streamed on YouTube for 48 hours from 7pm tonight

COVID-19 Scam Alert issue 14 03.07.2020

Good Afternoon

Please find attached the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Newsletter Scam Alert. This weekly alert outlines trending fraud patterns during the current COVID-19 pandemic and what we can do to stay protected. There have been further reports of scams, doorstep Crime and business complaints all relating to the COVID-19 pandemic here in West Yorkshire. This news alert will give you an indication of the current situation here in West Yorkshire.

Snapshot in Time: Little things mean a lot. Supermarket and garden! written by Pauline Gardner

Hello Everybody,

I can understand Ben’s reluctance to get on a bus as I’ve been reluctant. I was unable for a few weeks to venture out of my garden for over three months but really enjoyed driving to our local Waitrose (other supermarkets are available) to pick up our ‘click and collect’ order this week.  It was such a treat to open the car boot and have a very cheery masked and visored assistant bring the trolley load of shopping I had ordered on line to us to load and go!
They had used 20 carrier bags which will all be well recycled and the unloading into cupboards, fridge and freezers was like Christmas!  Who would have thought that such pleasure could have been got out of groceries and without having to put a foot in the store!  It’s lovely to be spoiled for choice again and be out enjoying the pleasures of gardening knowing that we have a veritable treasure of things to eat when we break for lunch!
Gardening is always a great pleasure for me but at this time it has been my saviour, oh and I’ve kept Bill happily busy painting fences and nipping to the local shop in his macho black mask .   Win Win!!
Thank you Pauline for sharing this with us. Until next time…..

“Les Blancs” – National Theatre at Home

The play from National Theatre at Home this week is Les Blancs, bLorraine Hansberry, directed by Yaël Farber: a brave, illuminating and powerful work that confronts the hope and tragedy of revolution.

Streaming from 7pm Thursday 2 July.

This play is about imperialism, racism, and colonialism and contains scenes of racially motivated violence, that some people may find distressing.  Age guidance is 15+

Les Blancs marked the National Theatre debut of the multi-award-winning director Yaël Farber, whose productions include The Crucible (Old Vic) and the internationally acclaimed Mies Julie and Nirbhaya. This production is adapted by Robert Nemiroff and the restored text directed by Joi Gresham.

Presented in memory of Nofenishala Mvotyo, who played friction drum (masengwana) in Les Blancs and was a preserver of the Xhosa culture, as well as an ambassador of the split-toned, throat deep sounds that normally echo in the mountains of Ngqoko. —

The running time is 2 hours 30 minutes with a very short interval.

NT at Home Les Blancs - The Whites

Caring Together’s Virtual “Afternoon Tea”

Dear all,

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who was able to spend an hour with us last week at our virtual afternoon tea. Some of you made some amazing snacks and cakes, I think Hilary is still waiting for a slice of cake Shirley. I even put some lippy on, a very rare event I assure you. It was so lovely to spend this time with you all.

I have attached a picture of us all on zoom 🙂 including a picture of a delightful afternoon tea hamper with tasty goodies that Sylvia won and received the next day. And another thanks goes to Viv and Abigail for your joyous singing, a light relief indeed. And to Sylvia who led the way in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ over the airwaves to Clarita, who recently turned 90, and again to us all; for all Birthday’s missed, and yet to happen. This included Caring Together’s 25th. Also our gracious thanks go to Hilary too, and to family who helped with getting some of you on zoom, and finally to Maureen for sharing yet more of her memories – I have attached a special audio recording below of Maureen’s “A Summer Childhood” story below for those who could not join us, all the best Lisa Argyle


Just press play.

Shared Moments: Day 99 written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

Day 99 – The weather for eating a ’99’ ice cream here too. Who named it the ’99’? I suppose I should have investigated a long time ago as they seem to have been around for most of my life. Were there 99 flakes to a box at one time? There certainly aren’t now and why is it that the ice cream vendors’ flakes, when added to the cone don’t disintegrate –  yet mine always end up a crumbly mess before reaching the ice cream?

The ’99 Steps’  which ran between Burley Road and Belle Vue Road, I believe, were something I took the locals’ word for in the accuracy of numbering. I hadn’t the desire to walk up or down them but today most of them have disappeared to make way for housing or offices. I wonder if the ’99p’ shops have all disappeared now? There weren’t many around and frankly for the sake of one penny it was more convenient to visit ‘Poundland’ and besides, I doubt whether shops will allow a bag of 1p coins for change in future.

99 days since I went into Lockdown, although the official day stands at 94. Students have been flocking back to the City over the last couple of weeks in readiness for the changeover of rentals on the 1st July. Parties, late night drinking, walking around in large groups and as for the Parks……I cannot begin to imagine the litter which will have been discarded on Woodhouse Moor by last night, judging by the queue for drinks outside the ‘One Stop’ shop. It’s as though nothing has changed which of course is far from the truth as daily life has changed so much, well it has for me.

Yesterday at 3pm the local Community Group “Caring Together” enjoyed  ‘Afternoon Tea’ by Zoom and we dressed accordingly for the occasion! Over hot and cold drinks, scones and cake we chatted and were entertained with a couple of songs; I read one of my stories “A Summer Childhood”, Our Patron Hilary Benn MP joined us from his office at the House of Commons, telling us all how he has dealt with changes since Lockdown. We of course were all in our  living rooms and kitchens. I was sitting in my ‘office’ – the kitchen, but as I was wearing a floaty top with pearl accessories, decided to sit against a plain grey wall rather than the paler shade tiles with a view of the microwave and steamer.

The local  PCSO was outside Little London Community Centre – but suddenly disappeared from our gallery so must have been called into action. Hilary Benn apologised in advance, warning he was waiting to Vote and said he would have to leave upon hearing the bell but – staying with us throughout – there was clearly no urgency to Vote on ‘whatever’. I just hope the Government are not proposing to change the name of the ’99’ ice cream cone.

Thank you Maureen, I have checked the Cadbury’s website and they can’t find a reason behind it either, I wonder if anyone else can? Until next time……


Face Covering Travel Assistance Cards

WIN a Year's Free Travel With First & 3 Days Out | Leeds-List

From June 15, Government guidelines have required people to wear a face covering on public transport, with some exemptions for children, disabled people or people with breathing difficulties.  A full list of exemptions from wearing a face covering can be found here.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering you can download an assistance card here to help communicate this to staff on bus and rail services in West Yorkshire. You can either print the card off or take a picture of it on your phone to show transport staff.

For further information and updates on local public transport, please see:

Swarthmore Book Club

Is anyone interested in the following collaboration between Swarthmore College and Leeds City Council?

We are excited to announce Swarthmore Book Club! A funded project with Leeds City Council to help those people in isolation. We will be reading 3 books over the next 3 months, every month you will receive a copy of the selected book for FREE, you can then take part in a warm and welcoming book club discussion over Zoom.


This month we will be reading ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ By Stella Gibbons  and the Zoom meet up will take place on the 20th July 2-3.30pm


To take part simply register your interest to Julie Badon by places are limited so register now!”

Online cooking classes from Ministry of Food

If you fancy brushing up your cooking skills while staying at home, Jamie’s Ministry of Food are offering a free, 8 week, online cooking course starting on Tuesday 7th July.  It will be delivered using Zoom and will be a 1 hour session each Tuesday.  There’s an option of 10am or 12noon.

You will need to provide your own ingredients for this.

If you are interested you can call Ministry of Food on 0113 242 5685 or One You Leeds on 0800 169 4219.