‘Capturing and Sharing’ – Past and Present

You have been sending some wonderful pictures to us, for which we are all grateful of. If anyone wishes to send in more then please do, along with a few words if you wish, yet not essential as I can add these as I have done already. I will be making this a weekly posting on our website/facebook.

They can be pictures of the present, of you, the locality, of nature when you are out getting your exercise, your garden, your creative side, what you have been making and other pastimes or even your home. Or they can be pictures of you enjoying other times in your life along with a memory or two :)) Or even some pictures of you as a child and we could try to guess who it is? I promise not to put the name of the person under it next time. Or you can send other pictures from the past. You can take a picture of them so they become digital. Call me if you need any guidance on this.

Does anyone recognise where this picture was taken?

I look forward to seeing more of your captured moments, past and present.

email: lisa@caringtogether.org.uk