Free regular rapid covid testing available for everyone without symptoms.

Anyone in England who does not have symptoms can now get regular rapid lateral flow tests to check for coronavirus.

Information:  If you have coronavirus symptoms, you need a different test called a PCR test. Get a PCR test if you have coronavirus symptoms on GOV.UK

How to get regular rapid tests

Go to a test site

You can go to a rapid lateral flow test site to get a rapid test.

If you go to a test site:

  • you may need an appointment, so check before you go
  • a trained helper might be able to help you do the test
  • you’ll get a text or email with the result when it’s ready

Find your nearest rapid lateral flow test site

Get a test to do at home

You can get rapid tests to do at home.

You can collect up to 2 packs of 7 tests from a local pharmacy or test site:

You can get a pack of 7 tests sent to your home. Order rapid lateral flow home test kits on GOV.UK

If you do tests at home, you’ll need to report your results online or on the phone.

This video from NHS explains more about what to expect from a rapid flow test

Livestream Concert from The Deep tonight

Join electronic artist R•MCL for a spectacular livestream concert. Performed live from the top of The Deep, one of the most iconic buildings in the UK.

The livestream will combine the artist’s never-before-seen set with cinematic camera and drone shots of the dramatic UK landmark, with soaring views of the Humber estuary behind.

You can watch at 7pm on The Deep website: or on the facebook page:

From the Deep website “We can’t wait to host our first ever livestream concert!

Join us for a sunset performance from electronic artist R·MCL livestreamed from The Deep’s nose cone on Friday 9 April 2021 at 7pm. Enjoy live music with cinematic camera and drone shots of the Humber and surrounding landscapes.

This is a live stream performance with no audience (as we are still closed), and is free of charge to view.

The performance will be held outdoors in the nose cone of The Deep and is subject to changing weather conditions. Details will be available should the performance be rescheduled.”


Headingley Farmers Market is back Saturday 10th April

Rose Garden North Lane Headingley LS6 3JJ

9.00am – 12.30pm Saturday 10th April

headingley Farmers' Market

The market re-launches this weekend and on 2nd Saturday of every month

Outdoors and socially distanced.  The entrance is on North Lane, there will be a one-way system and you will be asked to wear masks unless medically exempt. A maximum of only 5 customers (or households) will be allowed to queue at each stall. This is to ensure social distancing on the small site so you are encouraged to ‘shop don’t stop’.

Musicians, Kilburn, Coles and Rendell, will help to make it go with a swing.

April’s stallholders are:

STICKEYS HONEY range of honey.

HOLY SMOKERY range of smoked produce from Kilnsey

WHOLE IN THE GROUND coffees including swiss water method decaffeinated coffee as well as half in half.

REALLY INDIAN samosas, onion bhajis, pakoras and cook-in curry sauces including recipes from 6 different regions of India.

YORKSHIRE PIE BAKERY different flavoured pork pies made from locally sourced pork, plus vegetarian and vegan pies.

JOHNSON fish from Whitby. Also brings fish across to Headingley from Whitby in his van.

LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER raw milk and butter from their farm as well as cheese.


SQUEAKY CHEESE “halloumi-style” cheeses.

SWILLINGTON ORGANIC chicken, pork, beef and lamb and Headbangers sausages and bacon made from Swillington pork.

HEADINGLEY COUNTRY MARKETS cakes, biscuits, and preserves from Headingley kitchens.

ORGANIC PANTRY organic vegetables.

OLIANAS pizzas, enormous doughnuts and home-made Yorkshire Pecorino Cheese.

KARDAMARKIS olive oil and olives from the family farm in Crete and other Greek delicacies.

YORKSHIRE ORCHARDS apple juice and juices mixed with many local fruits – raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries, blackcurrants, blackberries.

CHURCH FARM EGGS hen, quail, and duck eggs.

Shared Moments: ‘Blooming’ Marvellous Bingo prizes….

Socially distant delivery of bingo prizes were handed out last week. Daffs and Eggs were gratefully received by the lucky winners for this month and plants, hand sanitiser and fruit for the month before.

Our next bingo session is on Wednesday 21st April 2021 @ 3pm.

Call if you would like to join us, Lisa 07436 530073, or email:

Leeds in Conversation – series 2 – looking at the future of our city

Leeds in Conversation Podcast

Series 2 has now started  and episode one is available to listen, discussing what the future of our city and districts could look like.  The podcast gives people the rare chance to listen in to debates and conversations about some of Leeds’s biggest issues, from culture and communities to the environment and economy.

You can also ask questions for future episodes.  There’ll be a new episode each month for the rest of 2021. Find out more and listen here  You will also be able to catch up on all the episodes from last series here too.

Councillor James Lewis, leader of Leeds City Council said:

“There is so much amazing work going on in all sectors across Leeds that people don’t always get to hear about. Leeds in Conversation ensures all residents and people who are interested in Leeds can not only hear these conversations, but be a part of them too. I can’t wait for the launch of series 2 and I urge people to give it a listen.”

Last chance to have your say on future of transport in Leeds

The citywide consultation about the future of transport in Leeds will end on 11 April, so there’s no better time than now to have your say.

The draft Connecting Leeds transport strategy is for everyone to enjoy healthy, affordable and low carbon travel choices. The strategy aims to tackle the climate emergency, deliver inclusive growth, and improve the health and well-being of Leeds residents. It’s about the universal access to accessible, affordable and sustainable travel choice.

Don’t miss your last chance to have your say, as the consultation comes to a close on Sunday 11 April.

There have been an number of online webinars as part of this, if you missed them you can catch up with them here

And you can read more about the plans and share your views here

Six Big Moves

A reminder that the six ‘big moves’ outlined in the strategy act as an action plan to create a people-first, affordable and integrated transport network across the city that isn’t reliant upon the private car. They are:

• Thinking about transport differently
• Transforming the city centre
• Opportunities for mass transport
• Enhancing public transport
• De-carbonising transport
• Creating healthier streets, spaces and communities.

Monday Mind Workout: answers for Monday 5th April 2021

Dear all,

Answers for yesterday’s Easter Monday Mind Workout
  1. Where is the venue of the most famous Easter egg roll in the world? Answer: The Whitehouse
  2. Easter Island belongs to which country? Answer: Chile
  3. What is the Sunday before Easter called? Answer: Palm Sunday
  4. In 1873 which company introduced the first chocolate Easter egg in Britain?    B) Fry’s (J.S. Fry & Sons)
  5. Which light fruit cake, with two layers of almond paste or marzipan, is traditionally eaten during the Easter period? Answer: Simnel cake
  6. On what Christian holy day are hot cross buns traditionally eaten? Answer: Good Friday
  7. At Easter, the British monarch distributes small silver coins known as what?  Answer:  Maundy money (distributed on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday)
  8. . Which flower is associated with Easter? Answer: White Lily
  9. Where in the world is the largest collection of Easter Eggs? Answer Poland – The Easter Egg Museum has more than 1500 eggs from all over the world
Chocolate Slogans – identify which type of chocolate it is

10. The lighter way to enjoy chocolate.


11. Feel the bubbles.


12. The taste of paradise.


13 Get Some Nuts!


14. Why have cotton when you can have silk?


15. Soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside

Dime Bar

16. Take it easy.

Cadbury’s Caramel

17. It’s not Terry’s, It’s mine.

Chocolate Orange

18. And all because the lady loves…

Milk Tray