Census 2021

Dear all,

The Census letters have been sent out. If you are needing any support or guidance you can call the free phone Contact Centre:- 0800 1412021.

You will hear an automated call at first with the following options:-

Option 1 – Would you like a paper questionnaire?
Instruction – please enter your 10 digit code at the top RH corner of the form.
A paper census will then be posted to them once the address is confirmed.

Option 2 – Would you like to hear frequently asked questions?

Option 3 – Would you like to speak to an Adviser?
This person will help them to fill in their Census over the phone if they would like to.

The 5 frequently asked questions are:-
1) Why have I received this? (explanation given)
2) This is not a residential property, what do I do? (Just ignore it)
3) Nobody lives here. (fill in household section only)
4) Confidentiality. (explained)
5) Can friends and family help you? (yes)

If you don’t feel happy to phone the Contact Centre we can help you if you wish. Just give us a call.

Census 2021

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