Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service – Older Adults Class

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service will be starting their ‘Live Well in Later Life’ class on Wednesday the 18th November. The class is designed for older adults or for anyone who can relate to difficulties older adults may face (e.g. retirement, loss, isolation, physical health difficulties).

The class will run for 5 weeks from 18th Nov-16th Dec and starts at 10:00. Due to current covid restrictions they are delivering the class online though the Microsoft Teams platform.

Here’s a little bit of information about the class from their website.

Later life can be a big time of change, which can lead to us feeling low or perhaps more worried or stressed. You may have noticed little changes, or started not feeling like yourself. Sometimes we can experience big life stressors that have a big impact on our wellbeing.

The Live Well in Later Life course aims to help manage these difficulties by teaching you techniques that you can use everyday to tackle low mood and worries.

You may benefit from the course if you have:

  • Recently retired or semi retired, or are experiencing work related problems
  • Increased caring responsibilities for family or friends
  • A physical health condition that maybe impacting on your wellbeing
  • Experienced a loss or bereavement
  • Become more isolated
  • Stopped doing things you used to enjoy
  • Worry a lot or are having trouble sleeping

What we cover in the class:

  • Week one – introduction, understanding mental health
  • Week two – sleep and improving physical symptoms of anxiety
  • Week three – low mood and our behaviour, how to increase motivation
  • Week four – Negative thinking and managing worry
  • Week five – maintaining progress and further resources

The classes are based on guided self-help cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which is an effective therapy for treating depression and anxiety symptoms. You will learn how your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical symptoms interact and impact emotional wellbeing. The classes are run by qualified psychological wellbeing practitioners.

These are psychoeducational classes, not group therapy – The idea is to watch, listen, and learn about mental health and ways to improve it, and clients are encouraged to make changes outside of the classes to improve how they feel.

If they would like to join the class, you can sign up on their website – https://www.leedscommunityhealthcare.nhs.uk/our-services-a-z/leeds-mental-wellbeing-service/online-group-classes/live-well-in-later-life/

You will receive information and instructions on how to join using Teams when you have signed up. You will need to have access to a computer or tablet to be able to join.