‘Monday Mind Workout’ answers for Monday 30th November 2020

Dear all,

Answers for yesterday’s ‘Monday Mind Workout’ which was multiple choice, how did you do?

1.Which of these means a speech in a play where a character talks to themselves rather than to other characters?
c) Soliloquy

2 In the Vicar of Dibley, what was the name of the vicar’s clueless friend?
a) Alice

3. How many novels did the Bronte sisters write in total?
b) Seven

4.Which breed of dog used to be sacred in China?
b) Pekingese

5.Who was the fourth Doctor Who?
(a) Tom Baker

6.Which coin was first issued on the 9th of June 1982?
(c) twenty pence piece

7. In 2005, a painting by artist Lucien Freud sold for £3.9 million pounds; who was the subject:
(b) a nude painting of Kate Moss

8. Proverbially, what is rubbed into the wound to make things worse?
c) Salt

9. What name is given to a country’s song played on official occasions?
a) National anthem

10. In fairy tales, which item is used to transport people through the air?
a)Magic carpet

11.Which of these was a successful pop star of the 1980s?
a) Adam Ant

12. ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ was a number one hit for which singer in the 1980s?
b) Stevie Wonder

13. Sandringham and Balmoral are residences of which public figure?

14.Stephenson’s Rocket was an early example of which means of transportation?

15.Which animals metaphorically constitute a heavy rainstorm?
Cats and dogs

16.What is the reverse fold at the bottom of some trouser legs?
Turn up

17.If someone gets out of a difficult situation, he is said to have saved his what?

18.Which of these symbolises the election of a new pope?White feathers
White smoke

19.Which ‘test’ was originally used to determine whether something was made of gold?
Acid test

20.If the information is from a reliable source, it is said to come straight from where?
Horse’s mouth