‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Answers for Monday 3rd August 2020

Dear all,This weeks ‘Monday Mind Workout’ was about what happened in August – see the answers below, how did you do?

1. In Britain the BBC transmits the first high definition television pictures on the 26th August, but in which year? 1934, 1936, or 1938

2.At one time August was known as Sextilis. What does this word mean?

3.Born in August 1901 this American became arguably the most famous jazz trumpeter, and also famous for his rendition of Hello Dolly. Who was it, and a bonus point if you can get his nickname?
Satchmo (Louis Armstrong)

4.August was made longer by adding a day from another month. From which month was it taken? February, April or June

5.Glamorous American film star who died from an overdose of sleeping pills in August 1962? Marilyn Monroe

6.In England at one time August the first was known as Lammas Day.
A church service was held during which something was consecrated. What was this item?

loaves of bread
baskets of raspberries
sheaves of wheat
bowls of peaches
7. Corporal punishment in schools was officially banned in the UK on the 15th August, but what year? 1967, 1977 or 1987
8. This singer dies at age 42, in Memphis,who was it? Jeff Buckley, John Kilzer or Elvis Presley
9.When Winston Churchill said, in August 1940,”Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”, to whom was he referring?
The RAF pilots, The Army or The Royal Navy

10.The Zodiac signs for August are Cancer and Virgo.

True or False

11.Born on August 30th 1797, which author wrote the novel Frankenstein?
Mary Shelle, Charles Dickens or Margaret Fuller

12.Which swimmer becomes the first person to win 8 gold medals in one Olympics games? Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps or Kristin Otto

13. What or who was the month of August named after?

a. A British King
b. A roman Emperor
c. The First Pope
d. An Ancient Battle

14. The first roller skating rink opened in the UK on the 2nd August, but what year was it? 1875, 1925 or 1945

15. Which are the only plays by Shakespeare that mention the month of August.

Henry VI Part 1, Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet or The Tempest

16. The birthstones for August are:

Peridot and the sardony,  Garnet or  Aquamarine and Bloodstone

17.Who commanded the Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 which was rammed by a Japanese ship in WWII, and went on to have an important political career?
George W Bush or John F Kennedy

18. Which country singer was born on the 21st of August 1938?

a. Travis Tritt
b. Garth Brooks
c. Kenny Rogers
d. Conway Twitty

19.. The birth flower for August is:

Daisy and Sweet Pea, Rose and HoneySuckle or Gladiolus and poppy, 

20. On 7 August an Act of Parliament prohibited the employment of children under 16 as chimney sweeps in which year?
1840, 1850 or 1850