Monday Mind Workout – answers from Monday 6th July 2020

Good morning,

Here’s ‘Monday Mind Workout’ answers from yesterday, how did you do?

News Quiz

  1. A miner from Tanzania became a millionaire last month after finding what?   Tanzanite
  2. What did archaeologists find near Stonehenge?  Pre-historic shafts/holes
  3. Barcelona Opera had it’s first concert for 3 months with an audience of who or what? Potted plants (almost 3,000 plants were placed in the auditorium)
  4. Which team became Premiership Champions? Liverpool
  5. Who was the ‘Forces Sweetheart’ who died recently aged 103? Vera Lynn
  6. For their birthday on 23rd June, tiger cubs in Whipsnade Zoo were given a giant ice lolly made from what? Blood  ( Dmitri, Makari and Czar, were 2 years old)
  7. What did India accuse Pakistan of sending across the border recently?  A spy pigeon (they believe it was carrying coded messages)
  8. Celebrity and Royal photographer Rankin has released a series of pictures featuring who or what? NHS workers
  9. Mount Merapi volcano erupted on 21 June – where is it?  Indonesia
  10. Who suggested people could drink yards of ale to help social distancing when the pubs opened?  Jacob Rees Mogg
  11. Nasa have launched a competition to design what to be used on the moon? Toilet
  12. Scientist recently discovered which insects can quack?  Bees (Honeybee Queens can make quacking and tooting noises)
  13. What was Boris Johnson photographed doing to show that he is “as fit as a butcher’s dog”?  Push ups
  14. A man in Vienna was fined for doing what?  Breaking wind at the police
  15. How old would Glastonbury festival have been this year?  50
  16. Footballer Marcus Rashford successfully campaigned for the government to do what? Extend free school meals for vulnerable children over the summer
  17. Which legendary band have threatened to sue Donald Trump if he uses their music at his rallys?  Queen
  18. What did ‘Henrietta’ the hen do?  Travelled 90 miles under a lorry (She was unharmed and laid an egg at the end of the journey)
  19. Which country did Poland accidentally invade in May? Czech Republic (soldiers sent to secure the border as part of lockdown made  a mistake on where the border was)
  20. What was the name of the man who’s statue was toppled into the river in Bristol? Edward Colston
  21. Which iconic band are to be featured on a set of Royal Mail stamps? Queen
  22. Swiss railway are trying to track down the customer who left a 3kg bag of what on a train? Gold – worth £152,000
  23. When is County Cricket due to start?  1 August
  24. Why did KFC refuse to serve Ian Bell at their Carlisle Drive Through? He was driving a horse and cart
  25. Which Yorkshire town did the Red Arrows fly over to mark Armed Forces Day? Scarborough

King Regards