‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Monday 23rd November 2020

Dear all,

Today’s ‘Monday Mind Workout’ is a mixture of questions, all the best?

1. The voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married in real life. True or False

2. A group of bunnies is called a

a) herd      b) bundle      c) fluffle

3. The largest sand castle in the world measured

a) 54 feet high.   b) 30 feet high    c) 24 feet high

4. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep – True or false

5.Was it men or women who programmed the first digital computer?

6. High heeled shoes were originally created for Men or women?

7. Bubble Wrap was originally intended to be used as

a) Insulation      b) 3D wallpaper.    c) Pillow contents

8. A group of flamingos is called a

a) flamboyance   b) Go’s     c) Flames

9. How many hours sleep can you lose when you have a new baby in the first year?

a) between 100 – 300 hours    b) between 300 – 600 hours   c) 400-750 hours

10. British tanks come equipped with tea making facilities. True or False

11. Many lipsticks contain fish scales. True or False

12. Elephants can Jump? True or False

13. It takes light from the Sun ? minutes to reach Earth.

a) 2 mins    b)  4 mins     c) 8 mins

14. There’s a village in Norway called Hell, and it freezes over every winter. True or False

15. Orange was first used to describe the colour not the fruit? True or False

Questions 16 – 18 are clues to chocolate e.g. Cinderella’s friend – BUTTONS

16.A subject for discussion
17. A path in the universe
18. 100% precious metal

Questions 19 – 20 are anagrams of sweet desserts
19. Is it a rum
20. He tackle cocoa


Warmly, Lisa