New boundaries

After discussions with Adult Social Care as part of their  review of the Leeds Neighbourhood Networks, Caring Together have agreed to formally extend their boundaries to incorporate areas of Leeds that were not formally covered when the Networks were originally formed. These areas were largely industrial  and/or with little or no population. Adult Social Care now wants to ensure complete coverage of the city so that all older people formally live within areas that have active Neighbourhood Network schemes. Caring Together’s boundaries now extend to most of the City Centre as well as taking in Buslingthorpe Lane, travelling down the eastern side of Scott Hall Rd and taking in parts of Sheepscar. 

Caring Together will, in the new year, be looking at what the needs of older people in these new areas are and how we can adapt our services to accommodate these needs.

In the meantime, if anyone living in these new areas wishes to avail of the groups and activities of Caring Together or would like more information about other aspects of our services please contact us on 0113 2430298.