Shared Moments: Day 74 written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

Day 74 – Well if we ‘Over 70s’ are now allowed out more with the easing of more restrictions – what happens next? Do we go back to how things were? Shall I catch a bus to Ilkley or further afield, go to the coast? No! This is by no means over, despite the way some are carrying on down on the South Coast. They are like a load of sheep following everyone else. Well what I know of the sheep at ‘Meanwood Valley Urban Farm’, they are not like that, being far more sensible – well they are Yorkshire born. Biased of course. The Farm is one place I am eagerly awaiting to hear when it may re-open to the public, not just because my son works there – and he is itching to get back – but because the Farm is such a beautiful place and serves a much wider area than our own community.

It’s educational schemes and so much more are all on hold and like so many other businesses it faces many financial challenges regarding its future. Of course the Farm is still very much open for business but just not for the public or all its staff. The animals still have to be fed and watered, cared for, vaccinated and so it goes on.

The Gardener will be busy come rain or shine, cultivating the beautiful flowers and fresh veg, although no doubt desperate for more rainfall. ‘The Epicentre’ with its shop remains closed which again is a shame as they accept unwanted cycles which are restored to their former glory and sold with proceeds donated to the Farm’s running costs. Hopefully there will still be people around who haven’t snapped up bikes elsewhere during this time and can take advantage of bargains before too long. After all we are told it is never too late to take up cycling although I wish to be excluded from this. An enjoyable exercise bike ride as part of physio was sufficient for me following my two knee replacements. I knew if I fell off I was already in hospital but I wouldn’t trust myself on the open road – or even one of the multi-million pound cycle lanes around our City.

No, I will be a good girl, I will continue with my daily exercise but certainly won’t be going against the rules and whizzing off by train to Filey yet. The Town makes it clear that it is still ‘closed’ and we have to respect this and await their warm invitation to visit. Looking at the South Coast, Bournemouth, Brighton etc – did those Councils say “stay away” or “welcome”? I thought the photo was showing a beach of ants until closer inspection revealed they were people bunched up together! How on earth could the Police fine all of those who flocked to the beaches and beauty spots?

Ilkley was another example where hundreds congregated by the river in the glorious weather. I would just like to visit our Urban Farm, to be welcomed by the attentive Alpacas, the non-attentive pigs, the nosey goats, the two cows (if not in hiding as is their wont) and all the lovely cuddly lambs and their Mums. I have missed seeing at first hand the new borns but thanks to the Farm they have kept posting photos and live videos to track their progress as well as day to tasks such as showering the alpacas!  Hopefully it may not be too long before everyone can enjoy this lovely visitor attraction again and I will be first in the queue. If I’m second then I will be a respectful 2 metres behind.

Written by Maureen Kershaw

Lovely Maureen, thank you, I can’t wait for it to reopen again as well, until next time……


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