Snapshot in Time: Little things mean a lot. Supermarket and garden! written by Pauline Gardner

Hello Everybody,

I can understand Ben’s reluctance to get on a bus as I’ve been reluctant. I was unable for a few weeks to venture out of my garden for over three months but really enjoyed driving to our local Waitrose (other supermarkets are available) to pick up our ‘click and collect’ order this week.  It was such a treat to open the car boot and have a very cheery masked and visored assistant bring the trolley load of shopping I had ordered on line to us to load and go!
They had used 20 carrier bags which will all be well recycled and the unloading into cupboards, fridge and freezers was like Christmas!  Who would have thought that such pleasure could have been got out of groceries and without having to put a foot in the store!  It’s lovely to be spoiled for choice again and be out enjoying the pleasures of gardening knowing that we have a veritable treasure of things to eat when we break for lunch!
Gardening is always a great pleasure for me but at this time it has been my saviour, oh and I’ve kept Bill happily busy painting fences and nipping to the local shop in his macho black mask .   Win Win!!
Thank you Pauline for sharing this with us. Until next time…..