‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Monday 20th July 2020

Dear all, this week’s ‘Monday Mind Workout’ is from Leeds Civic Trust, and is all about Leeds 🙂

  1. Leeds gained its city status in which year?

1893       1897     1903    1907

  1. Cluedo was made here in Leeds, at the old Waddington’s works, can you name all six of the suspects? Point for each.
  2. What caused Riots in Leeds in 1865?

Breweries running out of ale             Beef dripping theft                 Rats found in a butcher shop

  1. Filmed in Leeds, Emmerdale is one of the countries longest running soaps with the first episode broadcast in 1972. But which year did a plane crash into the village?

1991      1993      1995      1997

  1. On the 5 July 2014, Leeds hosted the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. Over 3.3 million people lined the routes as the tour passed through Yorkshire. But can you guess  how many traffic cones lined the route?

20,000       30,000       40,000       50,000

  1. Equivalent to filling 42 Olympic sized swimming pools. How many pints of beer did Tetley’s brewery sell in 2006?

125 million         145 million           165 million        185 million

  1. To the nearest meter, how tall is Bridgewater Place?
  2. Leeds United was formed in 1920 – what was the name of the Leeds team that preceded them?
  3. The famous ‘Live at Leeds’ album recorded by The Who at the University of Leeds Refectory was almost recorded in which city?
  4. Who was known as the Sultan of Leeds?
  5. When did the last tram run in Leeds?
  6. Benjamin Latrobe was an architect, born in Fulneck in the 1700’s. Which American building did he help design?
  7. Leeds born comedian Leigh Francis is better known as?
  8. Geoffrey Anketell Studder Kennedy was better known as?
  9. Possibly the first ever reality tv series in the UK, Jimmy’s captured life in St James’s Hospital. When was it first broadcast?  1985     1987      1989        1991

Can you work out the names of the areas of Leeds?

  1. Wasp-ish/Very Heavy
  2. Stunner/Small Island
  3. Stop/not-off
  4. Come first/farm entrance
  5. Unhappy/colour
  6. Bake / rise
  7. Can / Mound
  8. Snooze/Chop
  9. Slay/Stream
  10. Worship/Urban

Let me know how you do, good luck.


sourced: leedscivictrust.org.uk

Leeds Civic Trust