Beware scam calls!

There seems to have been a spate recently of calls to our members claiming to be from Microsoft, Windows, Computer Maintenance or some similar name.  The caller will say that there is something wrong with your computer and ask you to log in so that they can fix it.  The purpose of this is twofold – firstly if you enter the details they ask to give them control of your computer, they can access everything you have on it and may be able to get details of that could enable them to steal either your money or your identity, or secondly it would enable them to put something on your computer that makes it not work properly and then charge you to fix it (also getting your bank/credit card details in the process)

This scam has been around for a while, but it seems to be happening frequently again, and also people are telling us that these people keep calling back.

So we just wanted to warn you to be on your guard against this.  We can’t think of any reason why any legitimate company would call you out of the blue to say this so if you get one of these calls it is almost certainly a scam! We advise just hanging up – and never allow anyone to take remote control of your computer unless you are absolutely certain who they are and know you can trust them.

Also, let us know about this and any other calls you think are scams so that we can warn people

One thought on “Beware scam calls!

  1. I had a problem with my computer earlier in the morning and between 12/12.30pm I got a phone call telling me I had a problem with my computer. I hung up but they rang me back asking why I had hung up as they were only trying to help me.They tried to talk me into turning my computer on so they could help me sort out the problem. No matter what objections I made they had an answer. I rang Caring Together on my mobile while keeping them on the other line. C Tog told me it was a scam. I hung up. I felt very intimidated during this call as it did sound reasonably genuine during to the problem I was having earlier in the day.

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