‘LEEDS FOR ALL’ Celebrating International Day of Disabled People

International Day of Disabled People

‘Leeds For All’, is a programme of free and inclusive activities to celebrate International Day of Disabled People this week.

The important day takes place annually on 3 December and is an opportunity for people across the world to celebrate the achievements and contributions of disabled people, as well as increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of disabilities.

This year in Leeds, local charity William Merritt Centre and Forum Central, a network of health and social care third sector organisations in Leeds, have put together  a series of online, accessible, inclusive performances, stories, exhibitions, discussions, information and activities

The Leeds For All programme kicks off on Tuesday 1 December and continues through to Friday 4 December

All Events are FREE. Read more info here or  download the full programme pdf.

There are also videos and activities you can get involved with at anytime during the celebration and beyond.

‘RED’ stage play from The Shows Must Go On -Tonight

From 7pm Monday 30th November and available to watch for 48 hours

John Logan’s award winning West End and Broadway play RED. Starring Alfred Molina and Alfred Enoch.

RED: Alfred Molina reprises his acclaimed performance as American painter Mark Rothko in John Logan’s Tony-winning 2010 play, Red. Under the watchful gaze of his young assistant, Rothko takes on his greatest challenge yet: to create a definitive series of paintings for the Four Seasons restaurant. Molina is joined by Alfred Enoch (the Harry Potter series) as Rothko’s assistant Ken.

‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Monday 30th November 2020

Dear all,

Today’s Monday Mind Workout is multiple choice, all the best

1.Which of these means a speech in a play where a character talks to themselves rather than to other characters?
a) Interlude
b) Revue
c) Soliloquy

2 In the Vicar of Dibley, what was the name of the vicar’s clueless friend?
a) Alice
b) Beatrice
c) Charlotte

3. How many novels did the Bronte sisters write in total?
a) Nine
b) Seven
c) Eight

4.Which breed of dog used to be sacred in China?
a) Cockapoo
b) Pekingese
c) Spaniel

5.Who was the fourth Doctor Who:
(a) Tom Baker
(b) Jon Pertwee
(c) Peter Davison

6.Which coin was first issued on the 9th of June 1982:
(a) two pound
(b) one pound
(c) twenty pence piece

7. In 2005, a painting by artist Lucien Freud sold for £3.9 million pounds; who was the subject:
(a) Marilyn Monroe
(b) Kate Moss (a nude painting)
(c) Kate Winslet

8. Proverbially, what is rubbed into the wound to make things worse?
a) butter
b) Vinegar
c) Salt

9. What name is given to a country’s song played on official occasions?
a) National anthem
b) National curriculum
c) National debt

10. In fairy tales, which item is used to transport people through the air?
a)Magic carpet
b)Magic mattress
c) Magic blanket

11.Which of these was a successful pop star of the 1980s?
a) Adam Ant
b) Billy Bug
c) Chris Cricket
d) Dave Dragonfly

12. ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’ was a number one hit for which singer in the 1980s?
a) Stevie Marvel
b) Stevie Wonder
c) Sam Johnes

13. Sandringham and Balmoral are residences of which public figure?
Prime Minister
US President

14.Stephenson’s Rocket was an early example of which means of transportation?

15.Which animals metaphorically constitute a heavy rainstorm?
Frogs and toads
Cats and dogs
Lions and tigers

16.What is the reverse fold at the bottom of some trouser legs?
Turn on
Turn up
Turn off

17.If someone gets out of a difficult situation, he is said to have saved his what?

18.Which of these symbolises the election of a new pope?White feathers
White smoke
White doves

White Chocolate

19.Which ‘test’ was originally used to determine whether something was made of gold?
Reflex test
Acid test
Spelling test

20.If the information is from a reliable source, it is said to come straight from where?
Dog’s paw
Horse’s mouth
Pig’s ear

Shelter aims for UK’s largest Virtual Carol Concert

You are invited to ‘Hope, Home, Song’  which Shelter hope will be the UK’s largest carol concert. Tune in from the comfort of your own home at 7pm on Thursday 3 December

If you would like to join in you can register here: https://england.shelter.org.uk/support_us/carol_service#carol_service_form

The ‘Home Hope Song’ concert will be hosted in the candle-lit church of St Martin-in-the-Fields in London, where Shelter was founded in 1966. It will run for forty-five minutes, and be streamed via Shelter’s website. The service will be hosted by DJ and long-time Shelter supporter Edith Bowman.

Many Christmas traditions are unable to go ahead this year. But Shelter hopes that encouraging thousands of people and families to come together to create the UK’s biggest virtual carol concert can be a new moment of festive connection for the nation.

The stream will be interspersed with stories from those who’ve been helped by the charity, along with guest appearances from the likes of Julie Walters, Stephen Fry and Rob Rinder.

The concert is free to watch but any donations made will support Shelter’s work. And event sponsors Nationwide Building Society will match pledges up to £43k.


What are your views on Covid vaccines? Healthwatch would like to know


Plans are underway to roll out a vaccination that will protect people from coronavirus.

Healthwatch Leeds  want to hear the views of people in Leeds to help with local planning.

If you would like to take part in the survey you can do so  here

And you can read the Healthwatch Leeds November newsletter  here

An American in Paris – tonight with The Shows Must Go On

This week is the start of the Tony Award Winners season with The Shows Must Go On with the classic Tony Award Winning production of An American in Paris!

This breathtakingly beautiful Tony Award®-Winning Broadway Musical, inspired by the Oscar® winning MGM film, tells the impassioned story of discovering love in the ‘City of Light’. Featuring the gorgeous music and lyrics of George and Ira Gershwin (including the classic hits ‘S Wonderful and I Got Rhythm), stunning designs, and show-stopping choreography. Jerry Mulligan is an American GI striving to make it as a painter in a city suddenly bursting with hope and possibility. Following a chance encounter with a beautiful young dancer named Lise, the streets of Paris become the backdrop to a sensuous, modern romance of art, friendship and love in the aftermath of war.

Starts tonight Friday 27th November) at 7pm and available to watch for 48 hours


Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Today is fuel poverty awareness day and this winter with people spending more time at home, being able to afford to keep homes adequately heated could become an even bigger issue, at the very time when being able to keep warm and well is more important than ever.

Being cold can make you more vulnerable to illness. You should try and keep your home heated to at least 18 degrees and make sure it is well insulated so you are not losing heat. This is especially important if you have a health condition or are less mobile.

If you think you will find it difficult to keep warm and pay your energy bills there may be practical and financial help available for you— call Valerie for a chat on 04783333115.

In Leeds, Care & Repair and The Green Doctor run the Home Plus Service to help residents stay warm in their homes and aims to tackle cold-related illnesses by providing independent energy advice and home assessments. You can see more here https://care-repair-leeds.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Home-Plus-2020.pdf

And today, National Energy Action are launching their Warm And Safe Homes advice service.  You can speak to them on 0800 304 7159 or find out more here https://www.nea.org.uk/advice/wash-advice/





British Red Cross First Aid Skills

Dear all

Please find below some free online resources from the British Red Cross including some information on 2 First Aid Apps for you to learn key first aid skills.

And also what to do in a pandemic? The First Aid skills do need to be adapted to keep yourself and everybody around you safe. See below 3 bullet points covered at the beginning of the session which cover this:

  • All the First Aid learning is sound and appropriate for yourself and those that you are meeting on a regular basis.
  • For any first aid situations outside of your home or your immediate circle of contact please consider how you might adapt the skills to keep yourself safe.
  • This might be by giving instructions to the injured person or by keeping your distance and calling for help.

Here is a link to their guidance on Covid-19 and First Aid:



Everyday first aid skills – http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/First-aid/Everyday-First-Aid

Baby and child first aid resources – http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/First-aid/Baby-and-Child-First-Aid

Their free first aid app featuring simple, easy advice on 18 everyday first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies – http://www.redcross.org.uk/What-we-do/First-aid/Mobile-app


I hope this all helps, we will be hosting another first aid course next year either online again or in person. Details will be in our newsletter, as well as online and via email.

Until then please take care.

British Red Cross | Will Aid

LCC Parks and Countryside consultations

The council is currently consulting on two proposals:

  • Reduce, by 50%, the number of public outdoor bowling greens managed and maintained by the council.
  • Closing the West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre in Pudsey Park and potentially replacing it with a cafe.

More information and details of how to share your thoughts on the council website:


Leeds-City-Council-logo | Digital Leaders

Hyde Park Pantomime is on zoom this year

Dear all
The Hyde Park pantomime is on zoom this year. You can go on their website for more information, or yes you can!
Performances will be:
Friday 18th December
7pm stream open, 7:30pm performance
Saturday 19th December
7pm stream open, 7:30pm performance
Sunday 20th December
2pm stream open, 2:30pm performance