British Red Cross First Aid Skills

Dear all

Please find below some free online resources from the British Red Cross including some information on 2 First Aid Apps for you to learn key first aid skills.

And also what to do in a pandemic? The First Aid skills do need to be adapted to keep yourself and everybody around you safe. See below 3 bullet points covered at the beginning of the session which cover this:

  • All the First Aid learning is sound and appropriate for yourself and those that you are meeting on a regular basis.
  • For any first aid situations outside of your home or your immediate circle of contact please consider how you might adapt the skills to keep yourself safe.
  • This might be by giving instructions to the injured person or by keeping your distance and calling for help.

Here is a link to their guidance on Covid-19 and First Aid:


Everyday first aid skills –

Baby and child first aid resources –

Their free first aid app featuring simple, easy advice on 18 everyday first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies –


I hope this all helps, we will be hosting another first aid course next year either online again or in person. Details will be in our newsletter, as well as online and via email.

Until then please take care.

British Red Cross | Will Aid