Farewell to Nick, Hello to Carla

John O’Dwyerzurich logo met with Nick Hoyle,  (Zurich Cares Programme Manager) and Carla Mandis, (Diversity, Inclusion & Well-being Consultant)  with Zurich when they were both in Leeds recently. Nick is retiring from Zurich after many years stellar service and Carla will be his replacement. Nick has been our contact within Zurich for  many years now and will be missed by all at Caring Together who have met with him to report back on the outcome of the funding that Zurich has provided to Caring Together. We look forward to developing the same level of rapport with Carla and am sure that the same standards and help in sourcing advice, information and support will be maintained.

One thought on “Farewell to Nick, Hello to Carla

  1. Thanks so much for such a warm welcome – I’m really looking forward to working with Caring Together.

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