A welcome blast from the past.


A wonderful email from a past volunteer received just before Christmas. It is always good to hear from those that have volunteered with Caring Together and to know how they are getting on. It is especially gratifying to be remembered and to be reminded that volunteering is a two way process with benefits for all involved. Many thanks for this from all at Caring Together.

Hi there

Hope you are all well. A few years back I used to volunteer for Caring Together with Lisa and have many happy memories of computer groups, photography workshops and of course, visiting Bridlington. I also befriended (two members) and grew very fond of them. 
Since leaving Leeds I have been living in London and recently played a charity football match. I am pleased to say that Caring Together was one of the charities that we chose to raise money for. On a very cold winters day a couple of weeks ago, 24 grown men who should know better ran around a football pitch pretending to be professional footballers for 90 minutes. The game finished 2-2 but more importantly we raised £267.50 for Caring Together. We are going to donate the money through the website but we were wandering if there is a Gift Aid option? 
Volunteering for Caring Together gave me a purpose at a time when I was very depressed about finishing university and being unable to find a job. I met lots of wonderful people and It helped me to regain my confidence. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure volunteering for you. You guys are amazing! 
Say hello to everyone for me. 

One Wintry Wednesday

Image result for snow shower leedsCaring Together has been open today though groups and activities have been cancelled. This is likely to be the same tomorrow. We will contact individual group members tomorrow to make them aware of our intentions and also leave information on the website. Some home visits have taken place on foot and this, again, will continue tomorrow. If anyone is aware of any older people in Woodhouse and Little London who are experiencing difficulties at this time please make us aware. Keep warm and keep safe.


Back online

Image result for problems with computers

Caring Together have been experiencing some problems with our website recently. Those of you who pop by regularly to see what we have been up to will have noticed the lack of blog posts. We like to showcase the work that we do and have missed using the website for that purpose. While we still have some work to do in this area, including purchasing some new or newer IT equipment, we are going to be recommencing the blog again starting from, well, now.