Places of Support; if needed, over the Holiday Season

Places of Support Christmas and New Year opening times 2019
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“Christmas can be a great time for catching up with family and friends, celebrating and having fun. It can also be a time of stress, money worries, family tension and loneliness. Many people feel pressured to have a ‘perfect’ time at Christmas, especially as we’re surrounded by adverts and social media telling us how wonderful everything is.

For people already dealing with mental health problems, the challenges of the festive period can sometimes make things feel worse” (MindWell website: 20.12.19)


12 days of #Christmastoolkit 
Stay healthy this Christmas resource
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‘Looking out for each Other’ 

Caring Together was set up by the community for local older residents in 1995. We care about each other, the community and all its residents including those just passing through.
Caring comments:
 “I have noticed the blinds shut and he normally opens them first thing, I wonder if he is ok?”
 “My daughter popped round to see if she was alright as knew she had not been well”
 “I haven’t seen her for a while, I will pop up and see her this weekend”
The mellowed terrace houses of North West View, Woodhouse Street, appear to nestle at the foot of the soaring Holborn Towers.
Anyone remember this? Terrace houses of North West View, Woodhouse Street, with Holborn Towers in the background (picture from
We are proud of its humble beginnings, and trilled it continues to be such an amazing life line for some many today. It is a team effort from everyone. We thank you for your continued support this year, and in the past and look forward to linking back up with you again in 2020, and to making new friends too.
If you wish to know more then please do get in touch we would love to hear from you:
email: or tel: 0113 243 0298