‘Volunteers Meet Up’

This year is special for Caring Together, we are 25 years of age! Our 1st volunteers meet up of the year was last week. We got to plan for the months ahead in addition to discussing what we will be doing to celebrate as volunteers, and Caring Together as a whole for the 25th. We also got to sample some healthy vegan snacks, and discuss activities, lay out and menu choices for our winter warmer event. It was so exciting.

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‘Feel Good Bingo’

Evidence suggests bingo can be fun, sociable, and it can also sharpen your mind. This is because it requires a large amount of focus, agility and the ability to multitask. It can also help improve overall well-being.
Psychology Department at the University of Southampton, 2002
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Caring Together have been hosting regular monthly bingo sessions (for fun) for over 20 years, see below some dates for March, April and May 2020. If you wish to give it a try, please just pop along join us:
Tuesday 3rd March, 7th April and 5th May 2020 – 3pm – 3.45pm – Main Hall, Woodhouse Community Centre
Wednesday 4th March, 8th April & 6th May 2020 – 3pm – 3.45pm – Main Hall, Little London Community Centre
Friday 6th March 2020 – 11am – 11.45am – Main Hall, Woodhouse Community Centre
*Note: £2 contribution towards costs, includes a cuppa; all prizes kindly donated*
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‘Eating Together’

We enjoyed our first Caring Together Community Lunch of 2020 a few weeks ago. It was delicious. We had some tasty fish pie, quiche, and curried chicken. There was pudding too, yet thankfully we resisted…..for now! The only grumble was that there was too much.

Our next Community Lunch is:
Wednesday 12th February 2020 @12 noon – Main Hall, Little London Community Centre
Please note: if you wish, you can bring your own take away container if there is too much (two meals for one)

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Ways to Unwind!

“Crocheting is an opportunity to relax and unwind: or is it?”

Studies have shown that the hand movement used in crocheting can help keep the mind calm and distracts the brain from the stresses of life.  And in this weeks skills sharing session I know for some of our members they would wholeheartedly agree with this. Yet equally for a few the learning process left them a little wound up at times. From grappling firstly with untangling the wool, and then getting to grips with the crochet hooks, and interlocking loops.  Nonetheless, as they persevered it was then hugely gratifying to witness their progress.

I was left feeling super impressed by everyone who had a go, and for those who shared their skills, with unwavering patience. We are back next week to continue the relaxing and unwinding process, with a few inspired to bring in some knitting needles too.

If you wish to know more, or come along and have a go then please get in touch

“I’ve Got Mail”

“Sharing Skills and Connecting by letter”

Today we have so many ways to connect and share our life events. In partnership with a local primary school some of our members and staff have been connecting by putting pen to paper to engage with local children. Sharing this skill is helping us all to reconnect with the art of letter writing and is helping the children to further develop their writing skills. Being able to express and share how school is going for them is a delight to hear about. Their questions to us demonstrates their wish to learn about others too. Such a skill takes practice, time and patience, and can be easier for some than for others. We are glad to be on this learning journey together and look forward to our replies.

Get in touch if you wish to be part of it.


“Laughter brought in our New Year”

“Sleeping Beauty at the Carriageworks” 

Last week some of us enjoyed the uplifting funny and entertaining Sleeping Beauty Pantomime at Leeds Carriageworks. From the comments afterwards it sounds like it was a huge hit with plenty of feel-good moments.

“It is the first time I have been to a pantomime and I really enjoyed it”

“What a start to my year, it was brilliant”

“I really enjoyed it, it was good fun” 

“I just got into it, it was great”

Image Credit: The Carriageworks Theatre