Ways to Unwind!

“Crocheting is an opportunity to relax and unwind: or is it?”

Studies have shown that the hand movement used in crocheting can help keep the mind calm and distracts the brain from the stresses of life.  And in this weeks skills sharing session I know for some of our members they would wholeheartedly agree with this. Yet equally for a few the learning process left them a little wound up at times. From grappling firstly with untangling the wool, and then getting to grips with the crochet hooks, and interlocking loops.  Nonetheless, as they persevered it was then hugely gratifying to witness their progress.

I was left feeling super impressed by everyone who had a go, and for those who shared their skills, with unwavering patience. We are back next week to continue the relaxing and unwinding process, with a few inspired to bring in some knitting needles too.

If you wish to know more, or come along and have a go then please get in touch