Is Lockdown lifting making you feel anxious?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been hard for us all and we have all experienced the effects differently, including those of us who have been shielding.
It’s OK if you feel worried about going back to something more “normal” as lockdown restrictions loosen.
You might be finding it difficult to manage the changes and uncertainty, but there are lots of ways to make this time easier.
Tips to help manage this from Every Mind Matters
1. Go at your own pace
2. Do not avoid things entirely
3. Get your information from the right sources
4. Discuss any changes with others
5. Make time to relax
6. Challenge unhelpful thoughts
7. Tell someone how you feel
8. Plan social occasions
9. Find routine where you can
10. Write down your thoughts
11. Focus on the present
More details on each of these tips, as well as lots of other helpful information is at