An update from Leeds City Council on Leeds’ infection rates and the Vaccination


This weekend is the one year anniversary of the first Covid19 case being identified in the UK. In recognition of this and to remember all those that have sadly lost their lives during the pandemic, buildings across Leeds will be lit up in yellow and blue. Our thoughts are with all those who have suffered and are still suffering from this awful pandemic.

It is estimated that the new variant accounts for over three quarters of all cases in Leeds and significant pressure remains on the NHS. The Leeds infection rate is 277.6 cases per 100,000 with a positivity rate of 11.3%.

Rates are still high and they are not declining very quickly. More than ever we need everyone to play their part and work together to reduce transmission. This includes staying at home as much as possible, handwashing, maintaining distance and wearing a mask – even after you have had the vaccination. We know that this is really tough for everyone, but we need infection rates to fall to see a way out of restrictions and to allow businesses and schools to reopen. We continue to appreciate the sacrifices that everyone is making and we remain concerned about the impact on individuals and organisations. We are encouraging everyone to seek support where needed and to be kind to each other.

A vaccination update from Leeds City Council

Leeds and West Yorkshire continue to perform well in the vaccination programme and are on track to achieve the mid-February deadline for the first set of priority groups. The local figure is estimated to be about 80,000 so far.

Please remember that the COVID-19 vaccination is free of charge. You will never be asked the share bank details to confirm your identity, or pay for a vaccine. Do beware of scams and false emails.

When it is your turn for the vaccination, you will be contacted by the NHS. More information can be found at

We are aware that the invitation letters from the national booking system have unfortunately caused some confusion for people. These are being sent to people aged 75 and over who live within a 45 minute drive of any of the open centres. This means that people are receiving invitations to book at locations that are in different areas to where they normally receive their healthcare and some people are concerned about having to travel outside of their local area.

You do not have to book an appointment at one of these centres if it is not convenient for you to get there you can choose to wait for an invitation from your GP practice or wait until the West Yorkshire centres open and are added to the national booking system over the next few weeks.

If you have had the vaccine, you must continue to keep following the rules of hand, face and space as you can still carry or contract the virus.