Changes on Woodhouse Moor

From the Headingley and Hyde Park Councillors Headingley & Hyde Park News

You might have seen fencing going up and work beginning on the bowling greens on Woodhouse Moor.

These are being renovated as a new home for Leeds Hyde Park FC!

Hyde Park FC currently has five youth teams, both boys and girls, from Reception to Year 8 with children grouped to FA guidance. They have been without a proper home since they were formed in 2017.

The two areas of grass are to be joined up to make one larger playing area, it’s so important that outdoor sports facilities are created for young people across Hyde Park, this is a priority for us.

The finished area will be reserved for Hyde Park FC during their training and tournament times – but available for any other residents the rest of the time!

You may have noticed a few other improvements that have come to Woodhouse Moor lately, resurfaced paths, refurbished tennis courts etc. This is all part of a bigger project we are undertaking with the Councillors from Little London & Woodhouse ward as the Moor straddles both areas we represent.

The Moor is one of our greatest community assets and we want to do all we can to improve and maintain it!

Cllrs Pryor, Garthwaite & Walshaw


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