‘Community Skills Share’

Crocheting is good for you!

Well the jury is still out on this one because a few of us were still left scratching our heads. Yet watching the others who have mastered it, and those still persevering and willing to give it a go I can see that crocheting brings you together, and is so forgiving. In no time at all if you miss a loop it can be corrected. I was going in a straight line, yet, “no problem”, someone said, and it was quickly made into a square. Truly amazing. There is instant gratification of creating small works of beauty in the form of colourful circles and squares that we all felt no matter our contribution.

We are back again this week to continue on. It is open to all

Wednesday 29th January 2020 @2pm – 3.45pm Main Hall, Little London Community Centre, Oatland Lane, Leeds 7