Dedication Friday: ‘We’ll Meet Again’ from Sam Pemberton

The below dedication is from PCSO Sam in memory of her grandfather.

“Can I share my story behind the song, We’ll Meet Again by Dame Vera Lynn.

My grandfather was away in the Navy during the second world war. He was engaged to be married to my grandmother and they would write to each other regularly. His letters were checked before they were posted to ensure that nothing they’d written could be used by the enemy. They weren’t to include any details of shore leave or home leave in case their post was intercepted. My grandfather got around this by adding, “We’ll meet again” to his letters when he would be coming home.

Both of my grandparents passed away over 20 years ago, but I still can’t hear that song without remembering them both and how their love blossomed even though they were apart.

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when” seems so apt at this time.

Take great care of each other.

Sam Pemberton


Oh Sam this is beautiful, thank you for sharing this special story with us, keep safe and hopefully we can all meet again soon.

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Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again - YouTube

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