Hiding in Plain Sight – Lost Cinemas of Leeds

Presented by Hyde Park Picture House.  Of the many cinemas that used to be in Leeds,  Hyde Park Picture House is one of the lucky survivors.

lost cinemas of leeds


With at least 80 cinemas once existing in Leeds and now only a handful remaining you may be asking: where have all our cinemas gone? The answer is, they’re all around us – you just need to know where to look.

Presented by the Hyde Park Picture House, Hiding In Plain Sight is a new interactive heritage project, bringing together years of research with illustrations from Adam Allsuch Boardman – allowing you to rediscover the lost cinemas of Leeds.

The interactive website allows users to navigate the city and visit the locations of dozens of past cinemas, many of which have survived and are still visible today.  Click on each cinema to see the story and pictures and if you have a memory to share or old photos you can upload them to be part of the exhibition.