It’s Friday, it’s your tune!

Dear all,

Dedication Friday is an invitation for you to send in your music dedications. The song you love and wish to share with others, a time to reminisce, to dedicate in memory of those we have lost, and a dedication to family and friends maybe. A wedding or divorce tune… Or just a little something for you!

My tune for today is below. It is sung by Yazz (originally sung by Otis Clay). This song is dedicated to my friend who celebrated her birthday alone yesterday due to the heavy snow and having to isolate. She looked like Yazz and even dyed her hair the same when younger. It definitely brings back some memories for me, we used to dance to this when out in the clubs. A distant memory now when going out was all the rage 🙂 And hopefully we will again soon, well maybe not to the clubs but a cafe or two will do. The lyrics are hopeful too…….. things maybe a little hard now but we’ll find a brighter day….hold on, the only way is up :).
Is there a tune you wish to share with others?
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What happened to 'The Only Way is Up' singer Yazz? - Smooth
image sourced: smooth radio