Light On Leeds Podcasts

Light on Leeds

Light on Leeds is a series of podcasts all about the amazing things happening in the city and the fantastic people making them happen.

You can listen to any/all of them here:  Click on Episodes and select the one you want.


Hosted by Hazel Millichamp who says:

“I began Light on Leeds podcast because I love Leeds and never stop telling people about it. To save the ears of the people I relentlessly told, I decided to interview the great and good of the city and present it to you in podcast form, you’re welcome. The podcast is a nice, comfortable ramble chat and only three structured questions:

What is great about Leeds?

What is not so great about the city?

Even if someone were a long-term resident of Leeds, can you tell us about a hidden gem they may never have heard of?

I started the second series, Corona Bloody Virus Extraordinary Episodes, as a response to the weird times we are all currently existing in. The format is the same except guests tell us how they are coping with lockdown, whether they can think of any positives that will arise from this challenging time and any hints and tips they can share with us to help us get through it.

If you know of someone doing fantastic things in Leeds who would make a great guest, do email me.
and I’ll feature you on an upcoming episode”