Local elections this Spring – make sure you can vote

An envelope graphic that says 'Want to vote by post? Apply early.'

Local elections in Leeds are coming up on 6 May 2021.  Because of Covid-19 voting in polling stations is likely to be different.  Not all exisitng polling stations will be suitable for social distancing and so your polling station may be further away and there may be more queues.

Because of this Leeds City Council is asking residents to consider if postal voting may be the best choice for them.  Letters are being sent this month to all registered Leeds voters who do not already vote by post and this will include a personalised application form for a postal vote.  There is a pre-paid envelope to return this form or you can download a postal vote application form at https://www.leeds.gov.uk/your-council/elections/postal-voting. The deadline to apply for a postal vote for elections is 5pm on Tuesday 20 April, but residents who choose to vote by post are being asked to apply as soon as possible to help manage increased demand.

If you are already registered to vote by post you do not need to do anything.

You can say on the form whether you want to vote by post in all future elections or just the upcoming May election.

If the elections are postponed all postal vote applications will be valid for the re-scheduled date.

If you are not registered to vote you can register online at https://www.leeds.gov.uk/your-council/elections/register-to-vote