‘Missing People’ – online from Leeds Playhouse

‘It’s like having a ghost in the house.’ Sakiko is nervous. She’s introducing her fiancée Dan to her parents for the first time at her family home in Kani, Japan. ​And, whilst brother Hiroki, the ‘perfect child’, got married close to home, Sakiko’s got to ​break the news that their wedding will be in London, where they’ve built their lives. But under the surface, something isn’t right. Her mother is acting strangely, her father is gone for hours and a strange figure waits in the garden.

A Leeds Playhouse and Kani Public Arts Center co-production

This recording is being shared after the UK run was cancelled on press night. This version wasn’t made for broadcast so some aspects of the production might look or sound different to a live theatre experience.

Stream available until Mon 21 Sept.