Monday Mind Workout – 11th May 2020 answers

QUIZ answers

Each category has 4 questions:


1] Who was Prime Minister when Britain joined the European Union? Ted Heath

2] The annual “Boat Race” takes place between crews from which 2 universities? Oxford and Cambridge

3] Who invented jeans?  Levi Strauss

4] How many hearts does an octopus have? One…three..or five? Three


1] Reginald Kenneth Dwight is better known by what name? Elton John

2] Eurovision sensation ABBA came from which country? Sweden

3] Which novelty band had a Christmas No 1 in 2000 with “Can we fix it?”  Bob the Builder

4] Which English band’s music featured heavily in the best-selling soundtrack of the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever? Bee Gees


1] What Year did Eastenders start? 1979?. 1982 ?or 1985?1985

2] EPHRAIM MONK are the fictional brewery supplying beer to which famous soap pub and in which soap series? [2 points] Woolpack and Emmerdale …2 points

3] Who has been married most times? Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow; Eastenders’ Ian Beale or Neighbours’ Paul Robinson? Paul Robinson (6)  [Ian Beale 5; Ken Barlow 4]

4] What is the longest running soap on radio? The Archers ..1st broadcast in 1951


1] Which board game has tokens including a top hat; Scottie dog; a racing car and an iron among others? Monopoly

2] Which game involves taking wooden blocks from a tower, placing them on top without making the tower fall? Jenga

3] Which King in a pack of cards doesn’t have a moustache? King of Hearts

4] Which traditional children’s game involves 10 squares, a pebble or small object for throwing and an ability to stand and move on one leg?  Hopscotch


1] Which is milder US mustard or Dijon Mustard? American

2] What is the best selling flavour of soup in the UK? Tomato

3] “aah Bisto” is a phrase best associated with which type of food? Gravy

4] Which foul mouthed chef hosted “The Kitchen Nightmares” series? Gordon Ramsey

THERE ARE 21 POINTS AVAILABLE [2 points available in the soap category]  How did you do?