‘Monday Mind Workout’ – 18th May 2020 – answers

Caring Together’s Monday Mind Workout Food and Drink Quiz Questions and answers

  1. If you asked for scraps in a chippy – what would you get? Bits of batter
  2. What is an eggplant known as in the UK? Aubergine
  3. What meat is in a Glamorgan sausage? None – it’s made with cheese
  4. What are Pontefract cakes made from? Liquorice
  5. In which country would you most likely be offered Ouzo? Greece
  6. Saffron comes from which flower? Crocus
  7. What nut is used in marzipan? Almond
  8. What fruit is a Whitby bun flavoured with? Lemon
  9. What county did the Eccles cake come from? Lancashire
  10. What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world? Tea
  11. What is the main ingredient in guacamole? Avocado
  12. In which county is the Rhubarb Triangle? West Yorkshire (between Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford)
  13. Which bakery created a stir with a vegan sausage roll? Greggs
  14. If you were eating fondue, what would you be dipping into? Melted cheese
  15. What are the 3 main ingredients of a mocha? Coffee(espresso) chocolate and hot milk
  16. Which West Yorkshire town holds a liquorice festival each year? Pontrefract
  17. Chesnut, oyster and shitake are all varieties of what? Mushroom
  18. What type of food is Port Salut? Cheese
  19. What forms the inside of a Baked Alaska? Ice cream
  20. What is Paddington Bear’s favourite food? Marmalade sandwiches

How did you do?