‘Monday Mind Workout’ – 1st June 2020

Dear all,

This week’s Monday Mind workout are anagrams of various food dishes with clues to help to ponder over whilst having your mid morning cuppa. Best of luck!

1 .to ritual ale – french vegetable dish

2.drab glacier – anathema to Peter Kay

3.hot toe inhaled – classic English dish

4.abstracting hop area – a favourite for Italians

5.ape snack – Simply flour, eggs and milk

6.toot her chaplains – originates in this northern county

7.needlessly each wee – made famous by Wallace and Gromit

8 .ma soak us – staple dish in Greece

*Can you work out what these sweet treats are?

9A tint treat
10.See ace heck
11.A mack dearie
12.Elm lie flu lie
13.Open at ten
14.He tackle cocoa
15.Press outfit
16.Is it a rum

Answers to follow tomorrow