‘Monday Mind Workout’ – 22nd June 2020

Dear all,
This week’s ‘Monday Mind Workout’ is themed around chocolate. Enjoy!
Chocolate Trivia
1.This Chocolate is pure milk chocolate with a bubbly texture. What is it?
2.Which Masterfoods Chocolate bar is also a planet?
3.When was Milktray introduced?
4. What should you do with a penguin? 
5.Which Chocolate bar with a honeycomb centre was introduced in 1929?
6.Name the Chocolate: Dark chocolate with gooey minty filling.
7. Where was Cadbury’s established?
8. Which Cadbury’s Chocolate bar promises to be ‘full of Eastern promise?
9.Are cocoa beans a fruit or vegetable?
10.Name the Chocolate: Crispy wafer-biscuit coated with milk chocolate.
11.What was the first created Chocolate product?
12.Which animal could die if it ingests chocolate?
13.What did a Mars a day help you do?
14. Snickers were originally called what?
15. If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, what should you do?
Cryptic Confectionery e.g. wise guys – answer: smarties
16. Teddy Bears Like them
17.Big Cats Drink Here  
18.Sporting Break 
19. A Good Stretch of Road
20. Not Loud
21. Sly Giggles
22. Garden Flowers
23. Big Bus
24. One who wanders
25. It’s a Party
Good luck everyone, let me know how you get on.