‘Monday Mind Workout’ – 25th May 2020 answers

Dear all,
Please find below the answers for yesterday’s lockdown workout.

1.  He started off as a student with high hopes, but never left his hometown. Who had a string of jobs and almost as long a string of ex-lovers and wives?  Ken Barlow

2. In which fictional town is ‘Coronation Street’ set? Weatherfield
3. In 1993 what tragedy did “Emmerdale” use to attract viewers? Plane Crash
4. In “Eastenders”, where did Den and Chrissie Watts meet? Spain
5. In Eastenders, who shot Phil Mitchell? Lisa Shaw
6. Which “Coronation Street” character lost his first wife to electrocution by a hair dryer? Ken Barlow
7. ‘Brookside’ was Channel 4’s flagship soap and ran for nearly 20 years. In which city was Brookside set? Liverpool
8. ‘Emmerdale’ had a name change in the late 1980s. What did we used to know this soap as? Emmerdale Farm
9. “Crossroads” had two incarnations. In the original series which character ended up confined to a wheelchair following a car accident? Sandy Richardson
10. ‘Doctors’ is a BBC lunchtime soap first shown in 2000. In which fictional Midland city is it based? Letherbridge
11. Which BBC soap opera had such bad acting and story lines that it represented a tragedy in its own right and was cancelled after only one year? Eldorado
12. Some characters in soap operas suffer more than others. Which “Coronation Street” character has been divorced more than once, widowed, married to a serial killer and arrested and tried for murder? Gail Platt
13. She was a nightclub singer who snared a publican for her husband. Which soap opera longtimer went on to manage a newsagent’s shop with a busy-body professional partner? Rita Tanner
14.Which series shown on ITV between 1957 and 1967 is considered to be one of British television’s first major soaps? Crossroads
15. Rowena Wallace played Patricia ‘Pat The Rat’ Hamilton in which soap? Sons and Daughters (an Australian soap opera running from 1982 to 1987)
16. Which British TV soap was first screened on Friday 9th December 1960?  Coronation Street
17.Where is Emmerdale filmed? purpose built set at Harewood House Estate, nr Leeds
18.What is the square in Eastenders called? Albert
19.What did Hilda Ogden have three of on her wall in the living room? she kept three flying ducks on her living room wall
20. Who served as landlord at the Woolpack between 1948 to 1991? Amos Brearly