‘Monday Mind Workout’ answers

‘Monday Mind Workout’ answers – how did you do?

  1. Which singer starred in’ “The Bodyguard”? Whitney Houston

2   Which actress Keaton starred in “Father of the Bride II”? Diane Keaton

3  Which silent movie star was played by Robert Downey Jr in 1992? Charlie Chaplin

4  Which Welsh actor starred with Jodie Foster in “The Silence of the Lambs”? Anthony Hopkins

5  Which Steven directed “Schindler’s List”? Steven Spielberg

6  Which actor Sylvester has the nickname Sly? Sylvester Stallone

7  Who is Donald Sutherland’s actor son? Kiefer Sutherland

8  What is the first name of “Pulp Fiction” director Tarantino? Quentin Jerome

9.Which western actor won his only Oscar for ‘True Grit? John Wayne

10 Which Nick co-starred with Barbra Streisand in “The Prince of Tides”? Nick Nolte

11 What is the first name of actress Sarandon? Susan

12 Which Johnny starred as Edward Scissorhands? Depp

13.Who did Clark Gable star opposite in his last film role “The Misfits”? Marilyn Monroe

  1. On which Side of New York was the musical Story about rival gangs? Upper ‘West Side’

15.Which Doctor did Omar Sharif play in the film set in the USSR? Dr Yuri Zhivago

  1. Who played James Bond in ‘Dr No’? Sean Connery
  2. Which 1960 Hitchcock film has the most famous shower scene ever? Psycho
  3. Who played Alfie? Michael Caine
  4. Which meal was taken at Tiffany’s in the film with Audrey Hepburn? Breakfast
  5. Who played Fanny Brice in ‘Funny Girl’? Barbara Streisand

If anyone wishes a have a go at setting some questions please let me know. Email: lisa@caringtogether.org.uk