‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Monday 24th August 2020

Dear all,
Today’s  ‘Monday Mind Workout’ is themed around the Elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Best of luck.


1. Which is hotter, the centre of the earth or the sun?

2. Someone who studies earth quakes is called a….

3. In the 1980’s who sang Planet Earth?

4. Do Stalactites ride from the floor or hang from the ceiling in limestone caves?

5. How fast does the earth spin,100mph or 1000mph?


1. In which decade was the Great Fire of London?

2. Which singer had a ‘Ring Of Fire’?

3. In which town was Fireman Sam’s fire station?

4. Who is famous for painting Match stick men?

5. In which Dickens novel does Miss Havisham die following a fire?


1. True or false. Sound travels faster through water than air?

2. What is another name for a tidal wave?

3. Which is the longest river on earth?

4. What colour rain did Prince sing about?

5. Nimbus, Cumulus and Stratus are types of what?


1. Who sang ‘The air that I breathe’?

2. How long is a typical blade on a wind turbine, 50ft or 100ft?

3. Where in America is known as the windy city?

4. Which slang term for a tornado is also the title of a 1996 film?

5. Which song started ‘Let the wind blow high, Let the wind blow low’?

Good luck!

Sourced: St Oswalds Hospice