‘Monday Mind Workout’ – Monday 2nd November 2020

Dear all,

Happy November! Grab a mug of whatever you enjoy and get ready for our November-themed workout to find out how well you know the 11th month…

  1. Can you fill in the blank?Remember, remember the fifth of November,Gunpowder _______ and plot.  

a) Veggies    b) Explosions   c)Treason

 2.Who was the ringleader of the gunpowder plot?   
a) Guy Fawkes   b) Robert Catesby   c) James Tenick

3. What are the birthstones of November?

a) Peridot and spinal b) Pearl and Alexandrite c) Topaz and Citrine

4.On the 13th of November John Montagu was born… But what was named after him?

a) The Bus     b) The Sandwich      c) The Speedboat

5. Who had a hit  with ‘November Rain’?

6. November was originally the ninth month?

True or False

7. Bonfire Night is celebrated on the 5th of November, but in which year was the Gunpowder Plot?

a) 1405      b) 1505     c) 1605

8. November has always had 30 days

True or False

9. How many times was November mentioned in Shakespeare’s work?

a) 1     b) 10     c) 0

10. What is it you are supposed to grow in November?

a) Carrots      b) A beard      c) Parsley

11. On November 22, 1990, which British Prime Minister  resigned after 11 years in office, the longest term of any British Prime Minister in the 20th century?

12.If you were born on the 26th November, what would your Zodiac sign be?

a) Leo     b) Sagittarius       c) Capricorn     d) Gemini

13. Which famous British children’s author was born in November?

a) Ian Fleming       b) C S Lewis        c) Edgar Rice Burroughs      d) Charles Dickens

14.Up until 1959, it was illegal to not celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK

True or False.

15. Which century were fireworks invented?

a) 10th     b) 12th      c) 14th      d) 15th

Below are 5 firework anagrams:


17. REP LARKS (8)

18.  NORMAL DANCE (5,6)

19. CAMP JUNK JIG (7,4)