‘My time in lock down’

My time in lock down as re-told by Lisa of Caring Together. The past five weeks have passed slowly, yet I have kept busy, as I am sure you have all done too. I have been doing the usual cleaning, washing my hands, baking, washing my hands, talking to family on the phone, washing my hands, gardening, washing my hands and getting my daily exercise…….oh and washing my hands!

In between washing my hands, I thought I would take up my friend’s offer of doing a jigsaw. I used to enjoy them so I thought why not. Two to three hours would pass at a time and every time I walked past it I would do another bit. Yet as the weeks passed my enthusiasm for the same dwindled. It has been the hardest jigsaw I have done and so frustrating. I nearly gave in but I would not be beaten. And given that there were 20 pieces missing I thought I was, but no, as you see from the picture below my ingenuity paid off and 980 pieces later it was complete. Thanks of course to 20 similar looking pieces from another jigsaw strategically placed to fill in the gaps. Result!

I think the image inspired me to continue as it brought to mind days of when things were less fraught.

Tale of lock down woes by Myrna, Caring Together member