‘Nature Writing Workshop’ with University of Leeds and Caring Together

Dear all,
Working alongside University of Leeds we are delighted to be able to offer a one off ‘Nature Writing Workshop’ for the Nature Revealed Project.  Ideally we would be gathered in a room yet COVID has changed how the workshop will happen. It is a pen pal style nature writing workshop done in the comfort of your own home, as well as outdoors if you wish.
The four themes are climate, animal and bird migration, nocturnal animals and the subterranean. There is a pack that I can deliver to you that explains it all. In a room we would have sat and chatted, shared stories etc yet this is no longer possible. Yet if you love nature, writing and enjoy all things creative then this is for you. Please get in touch to learn more. Poetry is also fine. If writing is not your thing and you are still interested, I can always arrange to meet you and we can record bits too.
It is open to all, so just call me on 07436 530073 , or email me: lisa@caringtogether.org.uk, if interested.
Kind regards