PPE for unpaid carers

Do you look after a friend or relative who  otherwise couldn’t manage without your help?

This may be because of illness, frailty, disability, a mental health need or an addiction.  And it may be someone who you live with or someone who lives in a different household.

Leeds City Council are taking part in a 2 month pilot with the Department of Health and Social Care to provide unpaid carers with PPE.

The pilot will help the Department of Health and Social Care to better understand likely demand from unpaid carers for PPE and how best to distribute it, as well as informing decisions as to whether the pilot continues beyond the initial two months.

If you care for someone and the PPE would help you, please contact Caring Together and we can help to submit an order for this

Once the order form has been received, you will be contacted to discuss the order.  Delivery will then be within 72 hours.

The PPE will be free of charge