Prescription deliveries – information and a scam warning

If you need to have your prescription medication delivered a lot of pharmacies will do this for free but a few of them have started to make a charge for this service.  So, if you are paying for presciption deliveries, it might be worth speaking to a different pharmacy to see if you can your medicine delivered free of charge.

There is an national volunteers service that patients can call if they have problems collecting prescriptions.  This is not usually available same day but could be useful if your presciption is not urgent.  The number is 0808 1963 646. Or Caring Together members could call us and we may be able to help.

Finally, there is a scam that currently happening around this issue.  Scammers are contacting patients directly to tell them the government and local pharmacies have now started charging for prescription deliveries and they are taking payments over the phone.  Pharmacies will never contact patients in this way so please do not give out any payment information – and speak to your pharmacy (making sure you are using the correct number, not one given to you by someone who contacts you).