Recycle Week 2020

People across Leeds are being encouraged to celebrate this year’s Recycle Week virtually, with a programme of digital activities planned to help residents level up their recycling habits.

9 out of 10 households say that they regularly recycle but around 15% of the stuff in an average black bin could have been recycled!

Did you know you can recycle empty spray cans, cartons and margarine tubs in your green bin too?

If any of those surprised you, refresh your memory of what you can recycle by visiting

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Leeds Recycles will run a series of daily challenges across their Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the week, highlighting ways to recycle more and reduce waste, such as composting and getting into better recycling habits around the home.

The team are hosting a Facebook Q&A on LeedsRecycles, happening on Friday at 1pm, to enable residents to have their questions answered on all things recycling.  You can ask questions in advance if you wish by posting on the event page

Seven day challenge

 Why not during Recycling Week try your hand at the seven day challenge as below:

  • Bag it up – set up your recycling bag or box in the kitchen to make it easy to collect your plastic, paper and metal: think recycling first
  • Give it a rinse – rinse out your metal tins, foil and plastic food trays – anything with food in it. Rinsing makes it easier for us to recycle so that your tin can become something new!
  • Get ‘appy – green bins can fill up quick so you don’t want to miss your collection day. Download the Leeds Bins app and schedule reminders for your bin day.
  • Chill out – The average household in Leeds chucks £420 in wasted food each year! Freeze food before it goes off – you can even freeze cheese, milk and wine! Grab some food inspiration from
  • Get out of the kitchen – there’s recycling to be had in your bathroom and other rooms. You can recycle empty deodorant bottles, shampoo bottles and toilet roll tubes!
  • Cheeky checks – most things are recyclable but on average up to a quarter of the black bin is made up of valuable recyclable materials. If it’s clean paper, cardboard, metal or plastic it’s probably recyclable. If you’re not sure whether something goes in your green bin then check on the Leeds bins app.
  • Get composting – Compost your food and garden waste. If you don’t have a garden try a bokashi bin or wormery for just your food waste. Get composting advice at