Shared Moments: Day 53 continued…. written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

Day 53 – (continuation) I’ve always loved florals with Bronnley “Lily of the Valley” a favourite. As often happens though in the world of perfumery, this was discontinued to be brought back some time later but lacking ‘something’ – probably the lily of the valley. A similar thing happened with “Sea Jade”, another by Yardley which sank without trace, only to resurface under a different name with M & S.

One of the most beautiful perfumes I’ve worn was Floris “Florissa” which I used to ring up and order from their London shop in Jermyn Street. How quaint, well this was years before on-line shopping, Also Hermes “Caleche” bought regularly by a long-term boyfriend who also gave me a bottle of “1000” by Jean Patou, Sold only by Harrods in 1981 and retailing at £100, mine was ‘acquired’ I believe, by a friend of a friend who worked in Bonded Warehousing at Heathrow…..! On a trip to Somerset the bottle top was not secured and I must have lost 50 quid’s worth to my suitcase lining.

From the submlime to the ridiculous I am now proud to wear ‘copies’ with some being unbelievably like the genuine. Award-winning “Suddenly” is remarkably like Chanel’s “Coco Mademoiselle” but in recognition of its stockist – I call it “Eau de Lidl”.

If I could see one perfume from the past return it would be Yardley “Lilac” . Heavenly and I planned to pack the whole range for my visit to Clarendon Wing to deliver my son but it was discontinued – life was never the same again. One fragrance I do adore and will buy again one day is Chanel’s “Chance” – or in my case – chance would be a fine thing.

Ah how lovely Maureen, thank you so much for sharing, until next time……

Keep safe and well