Shared Moments: Day 56 written by Maureen Kershaw

Dear all,

Day 56 – I find the taking of the daily walk quite odd in that since we were told we could exercise outside for an hour each day, I don’t always take up the offer. Never having driven, I’ve been a regular walker of distances, literally taking it in my stride, back and forth on a daily basis, but if I dont have and/or want to venture out, then I don’t. Since Lockdown I often feel guilty when deciding not to take a walk, mainly because of being blessed not to be in the category forbidding an outing beyond the garden gate for several more weeks. It is with this gratitude I almost feel the exercise has become compulsory and by not adhering to it, I should be aware of the consequences. Rather like convincing my parents I needed to stay home from school – but then fearing a visit from the Board Man! From today, with the easing of some lockdown restrictions, we have been granted more freedom to take up certain sporting activities. Mine certainly won’t be tennis. Boris apparently plays the game so maybe the suggestion to us was for his benefit? Apart from not understanding tennis, I haven’t the stamina for it and couldn’t possibly reveal my bare legs. Golf is another possibility if we promise not to touch the flags, but checked trousers don’t do anything for me. Angling perchance? Sitting on a riverbank all day? I don’t think so, having neither the inclination – or a thermos flask – besides I’m allergic to fish.

I am eternally grateful for my two new knees over the years which enable me to walk much further nowadays. However my feet have seen considerable mileage and I have promised them chiropody if and when available. We are advised not to use public transport should there be a surge in people returning to work from today. I will, therefore, need to don my sturdy footwear and be prepared for longer walks come rain or shine.

Footwear?….now there’s a thought….

Wonderful, thank you so much Maureen, until next time…..