Shared moments: ‘Snapshots in times past’ written by Ben Anson

Dear all

I seem to find myself walking along Woodhouse Ridge a lot in these Covid times..I remember the summer of 73 working as an assistant gardener..There were three full time asistant gardeners and a head gardener in those days..As I was pondering about this whilst out strolling on the aforementioned Ridge an oncoming pedestrian gave me a wide birth as she passed..Coronavirus rules I guess but suddenly ….I had Madeleine moment! other words I was suddenly transported back in time like Jimmy and his Magic Patch in the Beano..
My first day as a gardener on the Ridge..7.30 am start..first job of the day go out and litter pick and sweep the path..As members of the public passed I cried out a friendly hello, good morning’nice day but everyone gave me a wide berth and scuttled past without saying a word..I mentioned this to Brian another gardener later in the day.
“Oh that’s Jack’s little joke “he said
Jack was the head gardener by the way.
“What do you mean Jack’s little joke?”
“Well”said Brian “Jack told folk last week there’s a new bloke starting on Monday but don’t go near him because he can be a bit funny…”
” You’re joking!”
“No .He told them you had been working in Roundhay Park but you kept wandering off to the woods and drinking meths so they sent you to Woodhouse where he’d be able to keep an eye on you..Jack usually tells you himself eventually of his ways of keeping himself amused..He told everyone to stay clear of me when I first started said I had head lice and fleas..”
“Well what did he say about Braham?”(he was the other gardener.)
“I don’t know he won’t tell me but blushes whenever I ask”
Ah happy they say…take care and keep your distance..ben

Written by Ben Anson

This made me smile Ben, thank you so much, until next time…..